How Your Small Business Can Help Those Recovering From Hurricane Matthew

/How Your Small Business Can Help Those Recovering From Hurricane Matthew

How Your Small Business Can Help Those Recovering From Hurricane Matthew

Without a doubt, Hurricane Matthew has left devastation in its wake. It’s at times like these that ordinary Americans can make a difference, including those in the small business community.

But how exactly can you go about it? 

How can your small business make a difference both in the United States and further afield, particularly Haiti where Matthew caused incredible destruction, including bringing 10,000 homes to the ground and killing over 900 people?

Here are several organizations you can donate to who are taking an active part in the relief effort. 

Donate to the Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a massive organization with branches throughout the United States. It has mobilized for Hurricane Matthew, primarily by providing shelter for those affected as well as food, blankets, and other necessities. It also has over 3000 disaster workers, 150 vehicles, 100 trailers packed with water, food, mobile kitchens and other necessary items which will be deployed in areas they are needed most. 

The Red Cross is entirely dependent on donations, especially in helping to provide immediate relief to the areas hit by Hurricane Matthew. As a small business owner, perhaps the best way to help is by contributing a donation. This can be done in a number of ways. Either call 1-800-RED CROSS or send a text with the word MATTHEW to 90999 which contributes $10 to the rescue cause. 

Donate to the International Red Cross

If you want to help in other countries where Hurricane Matthew has had an impact, consider donating to the International Red Cross as they begin clear up work throughout the Caribbean and Central America. With Haiti suffering severely under the impact of the storm, many are left affected. To donate to the International Red Cross and for their Haiti relief in particular, click here

Donate to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has mobilized across many states in the US that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew. As an example, they have over 30 mobile feeding units which will be deployed where needed most. 

Other facilities that are deployed include two field kitchens as well as mobile shower units. To help them in their efforts, donations are most welcome. They can take any form including monetary donations, non-perishable foodstuffs, blankets and similar items.  The Salvation Army also plans to assist in Haiti and Jamaica, so consider a donation to that effort as well. 

Donate to World Vision

Another excellent way to contribute to the island nation of Haiti is through World Vision. This organization works with both urban and rural communities on the island, sponsoring up to 58,000 children and serving over 900,000 of the islands inhabitants. 

World Vision hopes to help up to 15,000 families in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew by supplying them with blankets, hygiene kits, containers for water, as well as tarps to cover makeshift shelters. Your business can contribute by donating

Donate to UNICEF

If you are specifically looking to help out children, consider donating to UNICEF. They are currently accepting donations for Haiti in particular due to the devastation.

Donate to Food for the Poor

As the largest international relief and development organization in the United States, Food for the Poor has the ability and resources to reach many affected by Hurricane Matthew. As with many organizations, the focus is on helping ease the devastation in Haiti where foods including rice, canned meats, and other non-perishables will be sent along with blankets and first-aid kits. To donate, visit their website.

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services intends to provide cash to victims of Hurricane Matthew, allowing them to buy relief supplies and temporary shelter. They will operate in the worst hit areas outside the borders of the United States and to help them in their endeavor, donations can be made by visiting their website.

Donate to Concern Worldwide

An international organization, Concern Worldwide, is focusing much of their attention on Haiti by providing blankets, temporary shelter equipment, and aqua tablets to help ensure clean water. To help their cause, donate here

Donate to AmeriCares

With response teams in both Florida and Haiti, AmeriCares will specifically aim to meet the health needs of survivors of Hurricane Matthew. They will do this by delivering around $1.6 million in relief supplies as well as medicine to Haiti alone while in Florida, the worst hit areas will also be covered. You can contribute by donating towards their efforts

Volunteer for Emergency Response Teams

Should you live close by to one of the communities affected by Hurricane Matthew in the United States, you could consider a more ‘hands-on’ approach. To do this, sign up for one of the many volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross, particularly the Florida and Georgia branches. There are many other volunteer groups in these areas as well. For more information click here.

Keep Giving

Hurricane Matthew is certainly not a one off. Hurricane season will continue after its trail of devastation and although later hurricanes may not be as powerful, they can still cause havoc. For this reason, consider maintaining a regular monthly donation to one of the above-mentioned organizations, helping them to deal with future storms as well as ensure that relief efforts are on-going, particularly in the hardest hit areas. 

Remember, every little contribution helps and by giving, your organization is helping people far less fortunate than yourself. 



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