How your business can benefit from the World Cup

/How your business can benefit from the World Cup

How your business can benefit from the World Cup

Integrating unique marketing practices is a great way for businesses to further engage with a certain group of consumers. Taking advantage of the latest trends is essential for small business owners who wish to connect with their customer base, as it allows them to show potential buyers that their company is current and well-informed.

Blending your marketing tactics with popular sporting events is a free and easy way to boost your business’ publicity. Currently, nations from across the globe are embroiled in the World Cup, and as countries continue to battle for the coveted gold trophy, there are ways to use these games to your advantage.

Social media success

Over the past several weeks, the World Cup tournament has been trending on all social sites – specifically, Facebook and Twitter have reported extensive interactions with the topic. According to The Associated Press, the international competition has already set a record on Twitter. In just one minute following a penalty shot from Chile’s Gonzalo Jara, there were more than 389,000 tweets about the topic. This is the highest number of messages sent in one given period of time, a record that was previously held by the minute after the Seattle Seahawks legendary kickoff in the 2014 Super Bowl. 

While not all small business owners may have been watching the event to tweet during this time frame, they can see the effect of remaining in-the-know about trending sporting topics. Allowing your Facebook and Twitter accounts to reflect important moments like this gives your company the opportunity to boost its online presence, especially if the content sparks conversation among followers.

In-store interactions

Websites are not the only places small business owners can acknowledge trending topics. For those who want to encourage interaction with consumers, consider setting up displays in your store that reflect current events. For example, store owners can create tables featuring products that people may use while they watch or celebrate games. A food retailer, for example, may set up prepackaged edible treats that people can easily port home and pop open during the game. 

Alternatively, stores can celebrate by asking employees to wear colors reflective of their favorite team, or one of the teams that will be playing during the given day. This allows workers to engage a bit more with consumers, as store visitors may be intrigued by the colorful attire and spark conversation with staff.