How to Use Mobile Business Apps To Enhance Your Local Marketing Strategy

/How to Use Mobile Business Apps To Enhance Your Local Marketing Strategy

How to Use Mobile Business Apps To Enhance Your Local Marketing Strategy

One of your goals as a small business owner should be to attract people in your area. After all, establishing a large consumer base consisting of customers who live nearby is often the key to getting small companies off on the right foot in their first few years.

It is has become more popular for consumers to use tools like the Internet to find new products and businesses, so if you don’t have a strong online presence, you’ll miss out on a lot of sales. In addition to the Internet, consumers are spending more time using mobile applications to purchase products. In fact, a 2015 report by Smart Insights found that the time people spend using mobile phones has exceeded the time spent on computers. This is why it’s essential to attract local consumers through mobile apps, including your business’ and other location-based apps. Use these mobile small business marketing tips to attract more consumers in your area.

Take advantage of Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most downloaded apps by people with smartphones. It’s essential that your business is listed when users search for places in the area. Make sure that all of the information about your company that pops up is accurate and that there is a link that people can tap to take them to your website for more details. Not only will this ensure that your small business is found on Web-based map searches, but having the listing consistent with you website will improve your search engine optimization. For detailed instructions on how to set your company up on Google Maps, click here.

Use location-based push notifications

Mobile apps are so advanced that there are features you can use to target consumers nearby. Push notifications, or messages that pop up on the lock screens of people’s phones, can be sent to customers who have your app based on their location. You can even send alerts for current discounts or sales to consumers who are within a hundred foot radius of your store to make the deal more enticing. Push notifications also enable you to send messages to users about products or services that are relevant to their locations. You can send them to customers when they’re in a major competitor’s location to persuade them to stop by your business instead as well.

List your store on check-in apps

According to the Pew Research Center, check-in apps are starting to become increasingly popular, with almost 20 percent of smartphone users downloading them – 33 percent of people with mobile phones use Foursquare. These apps are affordable tools to get your business’ name out there to a local audience, as every time someone "checks in" at your store, it appears on that person’s social networks. If you own a restaurant, for example, consider using Yelp and offer a special discount to the three customers who check in the most or enter guests into a giveaway every time they check in.

Stay up to date on the facts and figures

Your business’ mobile app analytics provide valuable insight into which aspects of your marketing efforts are working and which you should considering replacing or updating. This is why it’s essential to frequently check your analytics to continuously improve your local marketing strategies. There may be one specific deal or discount on a certain product that tends to draw in nearby consumers most and others that don’t at all. Having access to these facts provides you with the knowledge you need to create marketing campaigns that will keep you company on the path to success.