How to Stay Holiday Neutral This Season – Part 2: Your Store

/How to Stay Holiday Neutral This Season – Part 2: Your Store

How to Stay Holiday Neutral This Season – Part 2: Your Store

This holiday season, you’ll want to grab the attention of new and existing customers with festive and creative marketing ideas and in-store decor. However, because there’s such a wide variety of cultures and religions engaged in holiday celebration, it’s important to recognize the season with messages and decor that respect all beliefs. Use these strategies to keep your small business’s holiday outreach, marketing campaigns and in-store decor holiday neutral this season.

1. Focus your blog on family

Decorate your website with images of holiday gatherings, such as families sharing a meal or friends sledding together in the snow. After all, regardless of which religion your customers follow, most holiday celebrations are about being with loved ones and reuniting with family members. Evoke this sense of love and authenticity through images and blog posts that celebrate this. If appropriate, you can also emphasize in your posts how your products or services can help enhance family gatherings or make an ideal gift for loved ones during holiday get-togethers.

2. Decorate with wintertime accessories

Dress up your store with decorations that show customers and passersby that you’re celebrating the season. This humanizes your brand and establishes a welcoming environment that customers are going to be more attracted to. However, avoid displays that are specific to certain religions, such as a Christmas tree in the front of your store or a menorah in the window. Remember that people of all beliefs are going to be walking in and out of your doors. Consider decorating with winter-themed objects like snowmen, holly, poinsettias, ribbons or white lights. These will personalize your business and allow you to take part in the cheerful season without catering to one belief system.

3. Use holiday-neutral language in your ads

You want everyone who views your advertisements and emails to feel that the message applies to them. However, if you greet your audience by wishing everyone a relaxing Hanukkah, you’re going to make your customers who don’t celebrate Hanukkah feel that you’re interested in communicating a message to a specific group they’re not a part of. Show your target audience that you want to sell your products and services to them regardless of their faith with holiday-neutral language like "Happy Holidays" and "Season’s Greetings." Instead of pictures of Santa Claus or reindeer, consider complementing your advertisements with holiday images of kids building a snowman or a grandfather reading to his grandchildren around the fire. As with your website and blog posts, these images can also focus on the heart of the holidays – gatherings with loved ones. 

Once you’ve applied these small business tips for establishing neutral marketing techniques and in-store decorating, remember that it’s also important to implement similar standards within your workplace to ensure diversity among your employees is respected.

If you’re looking for ways to stay holiday neutral in your office with everything from your holiday parties to company emails, check out part one of our holiday neutral series for a few tips.