How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Signage

/How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Signage

How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Signage

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know too well that many consumers can be easily intrigued by innovative outdoor displays. Whether you’re using color psychology to appeal to people’s subconscious or attracting passersby with interactive demonstrations, there are many ways to add a little flair to your decorations.

As spring kicks into high-gear, you can finally bring your outdoor signs and tables back to the sidewalks. Take advantage of the warmer weather by trying one of the following ways to spruce up these displays.

A picture’s worth a thousand customers

Visuals perform well with consumers – there’s no arguing that fact. Colors, illustrations and pictures draw people from the streets, so don’t hesitate to cover your windows and outdoor signs with compelling images. 

Looking to get some social traction? Try this – set up an engaging display, whether outside of your store or in your window, that will compel passersby to take pictures. Try something interactive – like a photobooth with props – that will entice people on the street to come take their pictures with the exterior of your building. Don’t forget to put a hashtag on the display so people know how to tag their pictures!

Are you having pun yet?

Stand out among the various other businesses on your block by frequently changing your sidewalk displays – and making them memorable. Puns are a great way to get customers into your store. Try setting up a chalkboard outside of your store and changing the message every couple of days, including a new pun each time.

Creating humorous displays can not only attract more customers – it can get your business trending on Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. Be sure to include your store’s name and social media hashtags so that when it inevitably makes the rounds on the Internet, your business gets the publicity it deserves.

What about a workshop?

Draw more people to your store by setting up an actual interactive display in front of your doors. Set up a few tables and allow customers to sample your products or watch how their favorite goods are made. You can make it interactive by allowing people to get their hands dirty, or keep it informative by letting them view the experts at work. Either way, these outdoor displays can gather quite a crowd, no doubt piquing the interest of passersby and spreading awareness about your brand.