How to Promote Your Small Business With Holiday Greetings

/How to Promote Your Small Business With Holiday Greetings

How to Promote Your Small Business With Holiday Greetings

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a blizzard of holiday marketing plans and promotion ideas. You want to grow sales at your small business. Great! You can. A well-planned marketing initiative that includes holiday greeting cards and relevant specials will boost awareness, profits, and customer loyalty.

You could do a Google search and spend hours looking for the best holiday promotion ideas for small businesses. Or, you could save a bit of time with our panel of small business owners. They offer several tips and tricks to make your holiday marketing merry and bright.

Prompt Customers To Act

Jeff Kear owns and runs Planning Pod, a small business startup that provides web-based event management software to other small businesses. He says holiday messages without a call to action (CTA) are inevitably ignored. Jeff offers an additional tip for the CTA: asking customers how you could improve services in 2017.

“Basically,” he continues, “a holiday message offers an opportunity for customers to provide feedback and reach out to you in a meaningful way. I find it to be much more effective in increasing recall and driving revenue than a holiday greeting alone.”

Make Holiday Messages Edible (And Therefore Memorable)

Erin Jump Fry, owner of Fancy Fortune Cookies, encourages small business owners to think outside of the box when it comes to holiday promotion ideas. She makes a valid claim; her company, which helps other small businesses send customized fortune cookies to clients and customers, has been in business for 28 years.  

She says, “Fortune cookies are the only marketing vehicle that always gets read. They might seem like an unconventional vehicle for holiday greetings, but that’s part of the charm—and value. Customers can’t resist the cookies’ appeal, and they always remember the company that sent them.”

Get A Little Personal

You know personalized messages and emails work better than cookie-cutter ones, but it’s a challenge to always be devising new ways to reach out to customers. Not to worry. Ana Caracaleanu, Director of Marketing Communications at Sticker You, proffers a holiday promotion idea.

“One of our real estate clients sent all of his clients wine bottles—but with a twist.” Ana explains. “He personalized a label using the house they’d purchased that year, then wished them ‘Happy holidays!’ in their new home. It’s a real, personal touch that goes a long way with customers and makes any holiday greeting that much better!”

Have Fun With Your Holiday Communications

The holidays should be a time of good fun and cheer when it comes to your marketing. They should also be a time of personal, and varied, connection, says Liz Watson, Chief Marketing Officer at Hartville Pet Insurance Group. She recommends using a mix of content and messaging to connect with customers.

“As a pet insurance company, we try to connect with consumers on a more personal basis,” Liz says. “The holiday present a great time of year to do just that. We use various forms of digital content from email newsletters to our blog and infographics. Holiday-specific messages, combined with a funny image of a dog or cat wearing reindeer antlers, always get a lot of attention.”

Reach Out To Steady Clients And Past Large Accounts

Alice Bill, who owns studioEPIC, a small photography business, suggests how to use the aforementioned holiday marketing and greetings to make an impact. She counsels sending cards to current clients as a “thank you.” She also advises sending greetings to top clients you’ve worked with in the past two years.

“Even if you haven’t heard from a larger account in two years,” Alice says, “it’s still a good idea to send a card to touch base. It jogs their memory and causes them to find use for your services in the very near future. I add holiday-only promotions, such as a discount on a portrait of their staff, to speed up the decision-making process.”

Stay On Course With Holiday Marketing Goals

Hector Franco, a representative for USB Memory Direct, also offers a methodology for holiday promotional greetings. His coworker, Chelsea Echeverria, Marketing Manager, says Hector’s designs, thoughtful emails and tactical approach delivers results.

According to him, “The best way to start [with sending a holiday greeting] is to create a list of goals that you want to achieve. Refer to it each time you make a decision to stay on course. In my experience, customers respond best to a well-designed email flyer that doesn’t involve too much ‘clutter.’ Also, the more creative it is, the better the customer response.”

You can promote and grow your small business with holiday greetings during the final quarter of the year. To see success with them, you should be strategic and include a definitive call to action. You should also have fun. Clients remember creative greeting cards, personalized email newsletters and humorous holiday content much longer than the same-old, same-old.

And, if you need working capital to increase inventory for the upcoming season, fill out our online form. We’re here to help you deliver on all your holiday promotions. 


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