How to Market Your Small Business Towards Millennials

/How to Market Your Small Business Towards Millennials

How to Market Your Small Business Towards Millennials

You hear a lot about Millennials in marketing circles. They’re aged 20 to 35, have 71 million members and look for marketing approaches that are a lot different from what previous generations responded to. Since this demographic grew up as the Internet developed into the connectivity behemoth that it is today, that colors Millennial experiences. Consider these areas when you’re putting together a marketing strategy that’s targeted towards millennials.


Millennial Interests


What kind of interests does your ideal millennial customer have? Dive deep into their hobbies and values. What are they doing when they get home from work? How about their plans for the weekend? What websites do they spend the most time on? Ask yourself questions like these to get a sense of who this buyer persona is as a person.


Advertising Themes


Authenticity and similar values are two of the most common advertising themes that millennials look for. They spend a lot of time deleting marketing messages and dealing with spam. When your small business wants to break through to them, you move away from positioning yourself as a nameless, faceless company.


Millennials encounter that enough on a daily basis. What they want to see are authenticity and personality. Don’t be afraid to let your business put your hair down a little. Since you fall under the small business category, you already have a leg up with this demographic. You get even more points if you’re locally owned.


Since it’s easy to price check a product in a few seconds, Millennials don’t look for the cost to act as a top motivator for their purchases. They want to feel good about the businesses that they’re buying from. Your brand values may be the deciding factor on whether they choose to purchase from your business or someone else.


Relevant Content


Generic content is an overwhelming problem on the internet. The last thing that your Millennial customer wants to deal with is more of it. Avoid this problem by fleshing out their buyer persona and personalizing the content based on their lifestyles. If you did your research when you dived into their interests, you should have a good idea of how they operate.


Social Media Trends


Social media is informal, fast paced and requires its own unique marketing approach. Memes give you a way to speak to millennials in fully relatable language. Plus, if you manage to create a really good (or really bad) version of the meme, you can go viral. Relevant gifs are another welcome addition to your social media profile.


Cool Training Resources


Millennials like to do a lot of research on their own before they interact with your small business for the first time. If you don’t provide the self-help content that they expect, they may choose a competitor that has a better content marketing strategy.


Put together cool training resources that are relevant and valuable. You don’t need to stick with a knowledge base full of articles. Step outside the box and put together interactive and multimedia experiences that can drive engagement. This customer touchpoint is one of your most important ones for capturing Millennial customers, so you don’t want to skimp on the resources.


Millennials are shaped by the rise of the Internet and it shows. Keep this in mind when you target this tech-savvy demographic. You can go a long way by having a personality, being upfront about your values and remaining authentic throughout the buyer’s journey.