How to Make Your Holiday Specials Stand Out

/How to Make Your Holiday Specials Stand Out

How to Make Your Holiday Specials Stand Out

When marketing your business online, making your company stand out can be a tedious task. In an age when there seem to be more businesses than ever, making your company appear to be distinguished and special can seem next to impossible. However, byimplementing the following tips, you will be well on your way to doing just that!

Unique Visual Content

One of the best ways to make your holiday specials stand out is by including unique visual content in your online posts. Although there are obviously businesses posting all types of holiday content to promote their business, by creating a fresh video or visual, this will give you an edge over the competition. Good news is that the video doesn’t even have to be long or profound to make an impact, it simply needs to be entertaining. For instance, for the holiday season, you could simply post a video with a child telling their favorite Santa Clause joke and add your company info in the caption. Although it might seem minuscule, every person who clicks on the link is being exposed to your business. By taking notes from the long-term success of shows such as “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, it should be more than evident that people are more likely to watch videos with animals and children in them.

Paid Ad Services

Although you may not have considered this, paying a few extra bucks to have your post promoted by sites such as Twitter or Instagram is a great way to gain new followers and buyers. Fairly inexpensive, you can pay these sites to promote your post for hours, days, or weeks, as a means of boosting your following. While only a small percentage of your following is guaranteed to see your posts without using these services, paying for a placement immediately exposes your business to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential new customers.

Offer Freebies

If you are having trouble attracting buyers during the holiday season, try offering freebies. This could be something as simple as a holiday stocking stuffer or you could offer whole products for free and simply request the customers pay shipping and handling costs. Either way, studies have shown the simple use of the word “free” can help you attract buyers by the droves.

Appeal to their Emotions

Holidays of all kinds tend to cause an array of emotions as it is a time for being with family and friends, above all else. Try including posts that promote your products as a way to help people be closer to their families. For instance, if you sell music, you would promote the tracks that people would enjoy listening to with their loved ones.

Keywords and Hashtags

No matter what season you are in, the hashtags you use can play a major role in drawing in that much-needed traffic. Be sure to do some research on which hashtags are the most popular before posting as certain keywords will yield you much more traffic than others. For instance, using the hashtag #Christmas might not be nearly as effective as #MerrryChristmas. Be sure to take the time to find out which hashtags are working and use only the best ones in your posts.

Overall, making your holiday promotions stand doesn’t have to be difficult. By taking heed to these tips and doing a little research before you post, you could save yourself tons on time and money while also boosting your profits.