How to Leverage Your Social Networks to Attract Holiday Shoppers

/How to Leverage Your Social Networks to Attract Holiday Shoppers

How to Leverage Your Social Networks to Attract Holiday Shoppers

The holiday season is swiftly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about those promotions, displays and coupons you’ll need to set out for holiday shoppers. As you start deciding upon deals, it’s imperative that small business owners look to the ways their social media sites impact this season.

Crowdtap, a social marketing agency, conducted a study of online behavior and discovered that nearly 65 percent of online shoppers use social media to find the best gift, while 67 percent of people purchase gifts based on what they’ve seen on a social network. These findings shed light on the significance of revamping your social networks this season to attract the highest number of consumers possible. 

Next time you’re crafting your social campaigns, keep your holiday shoppers at the forefront of your mind by following these tips.

Take advantage of your Facebook followers

You already recognize how powerful word-of-mouth marketing can be for your brand, but according to Crowdtap’s results, these peer recommendations are equally powerful on Facebook. Nearly 25 percent of respondents indicated that Facebook reviews and recommendations written by friends or fellow users were the most influential when it came to purchasing. Additionally, almost 40 percent said that they were most likely to buy a product featured on Facebook as opposed to other social media sites. 

So you recognize how powerful of a tool your Facebook can be, but how can you get more people to interact with your page?

It all boils down to getting more consumers to engage with your Facebook. You want in-store and online visitors to comment on the products or services they’ve purchased to inspire others who interact with the brand to purchase the product as well. Since online reviews have a substantial influence over site visitors, implement an easy-to-follow system, whether you’re asking consumers to rate each item on a five-star system or comment on their favorite one. 

It’s important that your reviews are genuine – your online consumers will be able to sniff out fake recommendations, so encourage your buyers to comment, but don’t bribe them for good reviews.

Keep your tweets short and sweet

Twitter is among the top three most influential social sites for holiday shopping. According to Crowdtap, nearly 15 percent of shoppers are driven to buy based on content they saw on Twitter. Much like Facebook, your Twitter strategy should be tailored to the site’s individual features. Since people expect concision when they go to Twitter, give them what they want. Over the next two months, generate a content calendar for your tweets, highlighting one product or series of items over the course of a week. Simply state the product of the day (or week) complete with a link to the product page on your website.

To further engage consumers on Twitter, consider posing questions about your products to get them to respond to your brand. Ask them to tweet their favorite feature of your spotlighted product, or ask for suggestions about which of your products are best suited for specific individuals on followers’ Christmas lists.

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