Your company may ready to go for Small Business Saturday, a day held the Saturday after Thanksgiving for owners of small companies to show the community what they’re made of. However, if you haven’t got started on your SBS marketing efforts yet, now is the time to get the ball rolling to ensure you don’t miss out on sales. Businesses from all corners of the local area will be fighting for the attention of consumers, so how do you manage to stand out from the rest?

Nothing promotes a business quite like a large social media presence. Your two main tasks leading up to SBS are showing potential customers where they can find your store and maintaining an active business relationship with your existing customers. There’s no better way to do this than with the aid of sites like Facebook and Instagram. Consider launching your SBS campaign on social media using these three tips to guide you.

1. Promote the day with images

On Facebook, what tends to attract most consumers to a business’ page are the pictures and videos. Sites like Instagram are becoming more popular because people often like to view images over text. Therefore, make sure your profile picture and cover photo are contributing to your SBS marketing efforts. Keep in mind that many people might not know what SBS is – this is only the fourth year American Express is sponsoring the event – so it may be a good idea to advertise the day through one of these photos. This could be as simple as a picture of you holding a sign with the event name written across it. Then put a link in the description that leads viewers to either information on what the day is or a page on your company’s website that highlights details on any sales or discounts you’re offering that day.

2. Focus on your unique story

While one of your main goals during SBS is probably to sell more of your products or services, avoid pushing sales too much. Instead, focus on other goals for the day, such as making your small business more well known among the community. A great way to do this is by telling your story through social media platforms. Each business has its own unique story, so if you want to stand out from other local shops within your market, take advantage of this. Your story doesn’t have to consist of a long paragraph about how your company came to be. Try interactive videos to more fully engage viewers or images of your business when it first started to show the hard work that went on behind the scenes. 

3. Create a giveaway contest

Using a site like Twitter, create a contest a couple of weeks before SBS to draw the attention of consumers. A giveaway competition will not only make your small business known before SBS, but will encourage people to visit your store. Even a contest where customers submit photos of the products they bought from you for a chance to win a prize can increase both foot and online traffic if you have a digital store. However, remember that the prize should be something that’s going to entice consumers enough to get them into your store or visit your online shop – many participants might not be familiar with your company and need a little nudge. 

Most importantly, remember to show pride for your small business. You and your employees have the expertise, customer service and passion that sets you apart from many large companies in your market. People are going to respond well to this if you show them it’s true. Be small and proud this Small Business Saturday!

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