How to Host a Holiday Party for Employees

/How to Host a Holiday Party for Employees

How to Host a Holiday Party for Employees

Company parties are a great way to show your workers how much you appreciate their continued dedication to your business. Allow your employees to revel in each other’s company while enjoying food, drinks and music – they deserve it.

If you’re wondering where to begin with your party planning, follow these simple steps to ensure your bash is both fun and meaningful for your workers.

Step 1: Set a budget

Before you can decide if you want to give out gifts, rent out a bar or provide free food, you need to set a budget. Assess how much money your business can dedicate to the event, and from there, you can start divvying out specific amounts for space, food and decorations. 

Step 2: Reach out to the community

It’s always a good idea to reach out to local businesses in the surrounding area to see if they’ll sponsor your event. While you may not be able to snag free catering for your party, you might be able to get donations from local companies who would enjoy the free publicity. 

Step 3: Pick a venue

Do you want to rent out a bar, or would you prefer a more intimate space for your party? Get an idea of what your employees would prefer, then start examining your options. At the very least, try to take your party outside of the office – your employees will appreciate the change of scenery.

Step 4: Call your caterer

Figure out what kind of food and drink you’ll be providing. Will you stick with an open bar and appetizers, or would your workers prefer a full meal?

Step 5: Decide on decorations

You don’t need to set a theme for your party, but you will want to invest in some simple decorations. Opt for winter-related ornaments, so as not to favor one specific holiday over the others. 

Step 6: Get a committee

Ask a few of your employees if they would like to help set up for the holiday party. You don’t want to make all of your staff members work for the event, but you’ll need help picking up food, setting up decorations and checking-in guests at the door. Consider offering an incentive for the committee, giving them extra drink tickets or a small gift at the end of the evening. 

Step 7: Pump up your employees

Once you’ve got all the pieces in place, it’s time to rally your employees. Invite them to your event with a festive virtual greeting, then encourage people to come by offering prizes at the actual party. For example, you could hold a raffle in the week leading up to the event, informing employees that they are eligible to win a handful of exciting prizes.