How to Gobble Up More Sales with Retail Thanksgiving Promotions

/How to Gobble Up More Sales with Retail Thanksgiving Promotions

How to Gobble Up More Sales with Retail Thanksgiving Promotions

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your consumers just how thankful you are for their continued patronage. In addition to adopting online deals on your social media pages, there are many in-store promotions you can set out during this holiday.

These deals may not only get more people to visit your store around Thanksgiving, but also show your preexisting consumer base how much you appreciate their continued business. Consumer rewards traditionally perform very well for small businesses. Whether you’re giving out holiday-specific gifts or adopting a long-term loyalty program, use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get the ball rolling on your latest consumer-focused venture.

A cornucopia of coupons

Black Friday may be the day after Thanksgiving, but win over more consumers by extending this timeframe to include the few days prior. Offer coupons specifically tailored to the holiday, such as selling your goods at a reduced discount for shoppers who visit on the actual day. 

To get consumers to further interact with your inventory, announce that any items marked with a Thanksgiving sticker will be offered at an additional discount. This may be especially fun for consumers with young ones, as they may be inspired to make a game of it.

Alternatively, for a more festive option, consider making or using an actual cornucopia to distribute coupons to patrons. Cut a series of coupons with varying discounts, then place them in the cornucopia. As people enter the store, allow them to pick from the basket and use the coupon when they’re checking out. This may not only inspire your visitors to make purchases while perusing, but also give them a glimpse into the fun nature of your store.

Make it personal

Part of the appeal of Thanksgiving is the emphasis on family and friends. On the holiday, your consumers will likely be juggling cooking a large feast and keeping their visiting loved ones entertained. Your customers are not the only ones who will be focusing on family first – your employees will have memories, recipes and stories to share on this holiday as well.

Consider emphasizing your employees’ journeys on this holiday by providing them with a space to share their favorite Thanksgiving things. If you’re looking for a physical site, think about setting out a bulletin board or a display for your counter that features an employee of the day. This board can showcase the worker’s best recipe, a picture of a Thanksgiving from the past and a description of their favorite Thanksgiving memory.

This promotion is equally beneficial for your online audience. Your Facebook is well suited for a promotion of this sort – share an image of your employee of the day along with a short description of a best memory, then link to his or her favorite Thanksgiving dish. By placing such a heavy emphasis on your employees’ personal journey through Thanksgiving, your small business can further establish itself as a humanized brand that genuinely cares for both its consumers and workers.