How to Gain More Customers With Pinterest

/How to Gain More Customers With Pinterest

How to Gain More Customers With Pinterest

Much like any other social network your company holds, getting more people to follow your Pinterest account is a matter of generating thoughtful and interesting content that pertains to your target audience. 

You already know how a well-crafted Pinterest page can encourage engagement among your online visitors, but how do you go about creating the best pins for these viewers? Follow these steps to help grow your small business through its social media endeavors.

Picking the perfect picture

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is an entirely visual-based site. Users are drawn in by engaging and dynamic photos. While you may be sharing an article about the benefits of content marketing, you want your image to be stimulating enough to draw any reader to the original source. 

Knowing how to link

While your company may not have authored each pin you’re linking to your page, but what you place on your profile is a direct reflection on your brand and its values. If you’re repinning any item from another company or board, it’s crucial that you double- and triple-check the link to make sure you’re not directing your own followers to dead sites or irrelevant pages.

If you’re crafting you own pins from scratch, you’ll want to extend the same courtesy to any person who posts your pin. Pick an image that’s relevant to the story, but ensure your link is working and relevant.

Gaining followers with boards

To ramp up your Pinterest strategy, you’ll want to establish your brand as a thought leader through the pins you post. Generate several boards pertaining to specific topics that relate to your industry. Each board should be focused on one particular topic that relates to your company, so as not to overload your followers. More importantly, it’s imperative that you post to each board frequently and evenly. You don’t want to favor one over the other, or you’ll risk losing consumers in one area.