How to Capitalize on Cyber Monday

/How to Capitalize on Cyber Monday

How to Capitalize on Cyber Monday

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the biggest for companies and consumers alike, as it presents three unique holidays filled with door-busters, super sales and unbeatable discounts. Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, customers are set for all their holiday shopping needs.

The holiday is a little trickier for businesses. While your company can offer similar sales on all three shopping holidays, consumers expect tailored deals on each of the days. Save your in-store promotions for this Thursday and Friday, but when it comes to engaging your virtual audience, Cyber Monday is your best bet.

Rally your online audience

From your Facebook to your newsletter list, it’s time to start rallying your online audience. Since these individuals have already virtually connected to your brand, they’re more likely to make purchases when promoted on Cyber Monday. It’s imperative that you unroll your announcement on all formats – email your list of consumers, post on your social networks and generate banners for your website. 

A great way to engage with your virtual audience is by posting reminders for the several days leading up to Cyber Monday, hinting at the promotions your brand will offer. You don’t need to let customers know the exact offers they’ll see, but they can get a good glimpse of what products will be on sale during this time.

Set a schedule for your deals

One of the best companies to look to during Cyber Monday is Amazon, which has an impressive schedule it unrolls during this time. While this company solely operates on the Internet and continues to establish itself as the most well-known ecommerce site on the Web, there are many pointers small business owners can take from its promotions.

Each hour, Amazon posts a series of deals that are only valid during that time frame. For the biggest sales, they announce which items will be on sale during which time, allowing consumers to jot down the proper time and return when their desired sale has begun. Your business may not have the same capabilities, but setting and following a clear schedule may be equally beneficial for your brand. You should not only update your social networks in real time when sales have begun, but also hint at larger discounts that will occur later in the day. 

Drive more consumers to your store

While Cyber Monday is a great way to get your virtual audience engaging with your brand, it also poses a unique opportunity for you to get more people to visit your physical location. One way to drive more people to your store is by telling those who purchase online that they are eligible for an additional discount if they pick up the product from your store, as opposed to shipping it. Alternatively, give any consumer who buys online a coupon that can be redeemed in the store, offering a set discount during a particular day or week.