How to Advertise on Facebook and Make Money

/How to Advertise on Facebook and Make Money

How to Advertise on Facebook and Make Money

Facebook has a massive audience and a robust ad platform that’s tailor-made for small businesses to get the word out about their products and services. You have many advertising options available on this popular social network, so getting started may feel overwhelming. Use this guide as your go-to reference for advertising on Facebook and making money in the process.

Types of Facebook Ads

The first thing to know about Facebook is the kind of ads that you have access to. Each option has its own pros and cons, and some experimentation is needed to figure out the best choice for your market.

Boosted Posts

You probably see the prompt to boost your posts when you log in to Facebook. This type of ad uses the content you have on your page and expands its reach wider. Use this when you want to increase brand awareness or improve visibility on one of your posts.

Domain Ads

Domain ads send Facebook users to your site through a call to action button. These ads appear on Facebook’s sidebar or within the main feed area, depending on your campaign settings. The format has an eye-catching picture with a quick description under it.

Instagram Ads

Facebook bought Instagram, so the ad platform serves both social media sites. If you have a business with products that stand out visually or an audience that skews younger, you may want to consider Instagram over Facebook.

Multi-Product Ads

Have an exciting product line to show off or have an ongoing sale? Show potential customers what they can find at your business with multi-product ads. This gallery-style ad uses a carousel layout to allow people to browse through the items without leaving the social media site.

Video Ads

Videos work well at conveying a lot of information in a short amount of time. The same explanation may require hundreds of words to accomplish the same task. This format appears in the newsfeed.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook’s ad platform provides many ways to target your ads so you maximize your ad spend and get the outreach that you’re looking for. Here are a few options this social media site offers to narrow down your target audience when you start up a campaign.

Similar Audiences

These "lookalike" audiences have similar characteristics to people who already follow your small business page. While they aren’t guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with your brand, they have a strong potential to do so.

Geographic Location

You can restrict your ads to specific geographic locations. For example, run your mobile ads for people driving or walking near your store or a competitor’s. You can catch potential customers who are trying to figure out what business they want to go to when they’re already out of the house.

Basic Demographic Information

Facebook has a massive database of user information that you can leverage for your ad targeting. If you have a good idea of the demographics of your ideal customers, you can tailor your ads to these characteristics so you increase the cost-effectiveness of your campaign.


Users like business pages, interact with brands and mention companies on their personal profiles. Facebook uses this information to get an idea of their interests. You can narrow down to people already active in your market.

Visited Your Site

"Retargeted" ads only show up for people who have visited your small business website. Since you got them past the first barrier of learning about your company, you can nurture the relationship through these ads.

Purchase Behavior

Facebook also has insight on what its users spend money on. This purchase behavior helps you find the people who may be in the market for your products or services.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

You can start your Facebook ad campaigns for as little as a dollar per day, but you probably won’t get a lot of traction at that budget. Once you spend some time experimenting with Facebook and learning what works for your company, you’ll want to scale your campaigns with larger advertising spend.

How to Make a Quick Facebook Ad

The Ads Manager has a user-friendly process that walks you through the Facebook ad creation process step by step. The first thing you do is choose to create a campaign. The site presents a list of advertising objectives for you that are self-explanatory. If you’re trying to bring in new customers, you might want to choose brand awareness or local awareness.

The advertising platform walks you through creating an ad that is designed to meet that objective. You may need to make ad creatives for certain formats, such as domain ads or video ads.

Pick your audience based on your targeting criteria. After that, all you need to do is choose where your Facebook ad appears, the schedule, and what your daily or monthly budget is.

Facebook is an ad platform that can grow with your business from its start through expansion. Once you learn the basics of Facebook ads, you have a powerful tool available to reach new customers.

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