Pictures are a great way to preserve memories, whether you’re keeping a visual journal of a cross-country trip or celebrating your best friend’s wedding. While people used to rely on others to take their pictures, technology nowadays has granted us the ability to take these pictures ourselves with minimal effort.

You’ve heard of the selfie, but have you heard of how these images can impact your business? From social promotions to employee spotlights, selfies can be used by your brand to increase engagement, spread awareness and get potential consumers interacting with your products.

Consumer product showcase

How are your consumers using their purchases? Ask them!

Set up an email address specifically for consumer selfies, encouraging people who visit the store to post pictures of themselves using your items in their everyday lives. If you sell some kind of tangible product – like shirts, artwork or collectibles – have people send selfies with these items, and you can post them above your inventory selection. For perishable goods, like food or coffee, encourage people to show pictures of themselves enjoying your product at work, on the train, at the park or with friends. Alternatively, if you sell a service or software, have your customers show what their office looks like with your software or what kind of impact your service has left on their lives!

There are many ways you can use these selfies at your business. In addition to posting them around your store, you can feature them on a special page of your website or post them to your social media sites. When consumers have the ability to see themselves on your site, they’ll be reminded that your brand truly cares for its buyers, and they’ll be more apt to share posts from your social networks.

Set up a social promotion

Speaking of social networks, use these platforms to encourage the submission of selfies by setting up contests. Who can take your product to the most interesting landmarks? Who can pose with a celebrity while using your product? 

Promotions can be time-sensitive or long-standing. For example, during sports season, you could let consumers know that whoever sends a selfie that somehow relates to your brand while posing at a sports game will be eligible to win a prize from your store. 

Social networks also permit your brand to do cross-promotional endeavors. Are there two products you sell that work particularly well with one another? Ask consumers to find unconventional ways to pair your offerings – or just unique ways to use your services in general. Have them post selfies to show other customers how it’s done, and reward the person whose picture gets the most likes or comments.

Use a selfie stick at events

Selfie sticks have garnered a decent amount of interest recently. For those who are unaware of the product, this item is exactly what it sounds like – a long stick that connects to your camera or phone and permits the user to take a selfie from a farther distance.

These products are great for people who need to take a picture with more than two people or from far away. They lend themselves well to vacation pictures, group pictures or those taken at events, like concerts, carnivals and conventions. 

If your small businesses is hosting a fundraiser or attending an event, bring along a selfie stick and have your employees take pictures throughout the day. These can be used to capture large audiences, engage customers all over the world and find creative ways to take selfies. This even lends itself to fun social promotions as well – encourage your customers to find your company’s selfie stick representative during the event for a chance to be featured on your website!