How ‘Game of Thrones’ Can Drive More Consumers To Your Business

/How ‘Game of Thrones’ Can Drive More Consumers To Your Business

How ‘Game of Thrones’ Can Drive More Consumers To Your Business

While the ever-growing battle for the Iron Throne may not have any effect on your life – other than forcing you to stay up too late on a Sunday night – small business owners who know how to leverage the popularity of HBO’s "Game of Thrones" in their online content can stay a step ahead of the competition. 

Pop culture fads, such as the emergence of online memes, television shows with cult followings and blockbuster superhero films, have a significant impact on consumers’ buying habits. These popular characters and storylines can spark intense emotional reactions among viewers, and when companies can connect with potential buyers through these concepts, their target audience may feel compelled to interact with the brand.

Follow these steps and consumers will be crawling to your brand like Whitewalkers to the Wall.

The Mountain, The Viper and The Hound walk into a bar…

Referencing the latest scandal from a popular series is like speaking in a secret language to a niche corner of your consumers. Hearing brands talk about trending topics lets these individuals know that your business can speak pop culture – an important factor for companies looking to attract younger and more technologically savvy audiences. Reading about the latest pursuits of the Khaleesi may spark confusion among some viewers, but those who both see and understand the meaning behind the word will be drawn to your brand and more likely to spread awareness among their personal networks.

The Web is vast and full of opportunities

Taking advantage of scenes or characters that have made headlines recently is the best way to boost your SEO on social sites. Facebook recently added a ticker to its home page that shows users which topics are currently trending. Once Facebookers click on these stories, they are presented with a number of posts from individuals, companies and magazines with articles pertaining to the lead. Some of the most common topics frequently relate to GOT, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. Making your content timely is equally as important as making it relevant, as if your post appears within a timeframe during which consumers are looking for GOT-related posts, your brand is more likely to reach a wider online audience.

What do we say to the Internet of Things?

Trending content is more likely to go viral if brands can somehow relate their offerings to the current topic. While small business owners should not force references – like trying to encourage consumers that their products can finally teach Jon Snow something – incorporating subtle quotes or mentions to the latest pop culture trend is a great way for businesses to show a tangible connection between their brand and a topic with which their consumers are likely to continue being exposed. A store that sells baking supplies or goods, for example, may post a blurb to their social media alongside a photo from one of GOT’s most famous weddings, reading, "At least the cake’s still good." This way, every time GOT fans either watch and episode with a wedding or remember a scene where something exciting happened at one of these events, they will make the mental association to your brand.