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/Green Business: Green Packaging

Green Business: Green Packaging

As the green movement continues to gain steam in the business realm, more executives are learning about the ways in which they can further cut costs and waste in their companies. While many businesses have been developing and selling eco friendly products, others have examined the ways they can alter the packaging in which they distribute their goods.

From the materials that comprise the boxes in which you sell products to the bags you give to consumers, there are many ways to adopt green packaging tactics in your operations.

Green packaging market soars

Waste continues to be a massive problem for environmental enthusiasts and small business owners alike. As landfills across the country hit their maximum capacities, companies continue to search for ways to drastically reduce the pounds of garbage they produce each year. Many businesses have turned to recycling while others have increased their charitable donations, but to further reduce the amount of waste caused by companies and consumers alike, others have turned to green packaging.

Small business owners who sell their products in eco friendly containers, such as those that are 100% biodegradable or made from recycled materials, are already practicing green packaging. The number of businesses jumping on this bandwagon has only continued to soar, as more people discover the benefits of its implementation.

Cisco, a company that sells manufacturing equipment, recently led a "Pack It Green" initiative, which aimed to significantly cut waste by producing and distributing green packaging in its operations. In just one year, Cisco saved almost 2 million pounds of packaging, 3.1 million pounds of carbon emissions and more than $6 million. The company did this by merely altering its shipment methods and implementing greener packaging materials. 

Small business owners find innovative ways to sell goods

Other companies across the U.S. have found similar ways to reduce waste in their operations. The Huffington Post recently covered one brand that may have just changed the game for pizza delivery companies across the world. 

GreenBox has received a great deal of attention from the press recently – and with good reason. In addition to providing consumers with a cardboard box to hold their pizza, the innovative new design features removable cardboard plates that can be used in lieu of paper or glass dinnerware. The box itself turns into plates, meaning that the consumer can remain guilt-free about enjoying their pizza, at least as far as the environment is concerned.  

Putting it all in practice

If you’re looking for a few simple ways to implement green packaging in your operations, begin with the basics. How are your consumers bringing their purchases home? Does your store encourage reusable bags or use those made from recycled materials?

From there, you can begin exploring more innovative ways to package your goods. If your store doesn’t sell pizza, it can still learn a few things from GreenBox. What utensils or other products to your consumers use with your goods, and is there a way to combine the two? Look for ways that your brand can not only cut waste in-store, but how your consumers can do it at home as well.