As your business makes its way in the new year, it’s important that you place sustainability at the forefront of your New Year’s resolutions. Now’s the time to finally start adopting those green business practices you’ve been considering for the past several months.

Want to know where to start? Consider these simple ways your company can go green at the beginning of 2015.

Go with green power sources

Electricity isn’t the only thing that can power your small business. Look to the elements when you’re trying to find more innovative solutions. 

  • Sun: Solar technology has continued to soar in popularity, especially among corporations. Try installing solar panels on your roof or outdoors, which can generate energy to power operations in the building. Another low-cost way to take advantage of the sun’s energy is by installing large windows and allowing your store to heat by absorbing the natural rays.
  • Wind: Large turbines can generate an impressive amount of energy for small businesses. While they generally cost a bit more money than other sources of green power, wind turbines are an excellent way to create renewable energy that has a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Earth: Geothermal energy is a lesser-known source that has started to gain national attention recently. This type of energy isn’t available in all regions, as it comes directly from the earth’s strongest energy sources, like hot water reserves in Alaska and the western states. If your business is located in one of these regions, consider learning more about how your brand can leverage geothermal energy.

Conserve water when you can

Water can be a source of significant waste for your business, so start looking for ways to limit your consumption in your building. Install low-flow appliances to stop the waste at its source. Additionally, it may be wise to hire a plumber to visit your building and examine any pipes for leaks – pipes that slowly leak overtime can not only waste large amounts of water, but also cause your water bills to soar. 

Watch your waste production

Your brand likely already recycles, but look for other ways to reduce waste in your business. If your company sells food, try composting instead of trashing. This practice allows perishable foods to recycle back in the environment, reducing your company’s impact on the environment by limiting how much it sends to the landfills. Another way to reduce waste is by reducing how much paper your company uses each day. Switch to paperless in 2015 and see how much of a difference it will make.