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Google Plus For Small Business

Google is one of the most powerful resources online. Although it’s already well known for its service as a search engine, the media giant has expanded to include other useful tools that you should know about. The advent of Google Plus, for instance, was this company’s answer to social media, and now that it has had a chance to become more than another competitor to Facebook, it’s now possible to grow your small business with this digital outlet alone.

With its immense variety of customization options and its commitment to efficiency, Google Plus gives you the kind of Internet power you need to perform basic marketing tasks, keep in touch with your consumers and manage a variety of accounts, all from the comfort of one site. Whether you’re new to this form of social media or are considering new ways to take your online visibility to the next level, stay tuned for a few small business tips for building an effective Google Plus business page. 

People want personality

When the modern, digitally savvy consumer thinks about his or her favorite company, it’s safe to assume that visions of corporate robots sitting at a metallic desk don’t come to mind. These days, brands are prone to interacting with their followers directly online, willfully showing off their humanity. Is this a marketing ploy? In some cases, perhaps, but at the end of the day, this trend in pro-consumer interaction has begun to change the way that people think about and communicate with their favorite brands. 

With Google Plus, you can help develop this kind of personality. Not only will it be easier for consumers to connect with you directly, they’ll also have several ways to become part of your conversation. Compared to other social media sites, this option diminishes the amount of nonsense posts that come from spammy marketing, allowing you to maintain a clean and effective source of meaningful communication. Therefore, with your Google Plus account, feel confident in the knowledge that people will read what you’re posting, and even better than that, give you worthwhile feedback.

Multimedia options

One thing that Google Plus does well that other social media sites are still lagging behind with is the interactive Hangout function. As long as you have a video camera attached to the device you’re using, you can transform your page into an online video conference. While you may not want to get into the habit of doing this with consumers, if you’re the kind of business owner who would prefer to use this kind of digital community tool to keep your employees together, the convenience of this option is just a click away. 

Did we mention the SEO benefits?

If you’re looking for something online, you might find yourself inching toward the Google search bar to simplify your quest, and you aren’t alone. As one of the premier methods for finding information on the Web, this option has become a standard in search engines. With its heavy integration with Google Plus, you can only imagine how much more shareable your posts there might be. As long as you’re posting worthwhile and engaging content, you might discover that your company’s name has a better chance of inching towards the top of relevant search listings.

Once you’re over the learning curve…

Is all of this too good to be true? Not necessarily, but there is a slight learning curve. Google Plus has its own approach to networking that, once you’ve spent some time getting used to it, makes more intuitive sense than other sources. For instance, rather than "friending" someone, you will add them to a community circle. This immediately connects them to you and, by default, the rest of the people in that circle. Other idiosyncrasies might leave you momentarily puzzled at first, but fear not – Google Plus makes its quirks known early, and after that, it’s smooth sailing.