Going Green: All About Appliances

/Going Green: All About Appliances

Going Green: All About Appliances

Going green isn’t just about reducing waste and recycling old materials – while both of those practices are paramount to ensuring your small business is ecofriendly, there are many other ways to make sure your company is sustainable. Aside from activities your employees conduct each day, small businesses should take a look at the appliances installed throughout their building.

From the bathroom to the kitchen, your small business uses a variety of machines to keep the place running on a daily basis. While these appliances are crucial for your operations, they may be the source of a great deal of office waste. Keep the following in mind when thinking about ways to reduce your carbon footprint at work.

Learn about low-flow

Appliances that require water to function, such as toilets and sinks, are important staples in any building. But did you know that switching to low-flow appliances could end up saving your business thousands of dollars each year? The Natural Resources Defense Council reported that companies that switch to low-flow and water-efficient appliances may pay a greater cost up front, but reap large monetary rewards several months down the line. These resources not only save small business owners a great deal of money on their monthly bills, but they can significantly cut down on the amount of water wasted through both leakage and overuse. 

Small business owners looking for the perfect low-flow appliances should search for those labeled as such, or invest in fixtures that will lead to greater water and monetary savings. These machines can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors or in heating systems.

Monitoring electronics use during off-hours

During business hours, keeping electronics powered up may be crucial to the function of your organization. Once your employees are gone for the day, keeping these devices shut down or in sleep mode may be the difference between paying or saving hundreds of dollars each month. At the end of each work day, ensure the last worker does a sweep of the building, turning off lights and appliances.

However, if your company is looking for a more permanent solution to keeping electronics shut off when they’re not in use, small business owners should look into purchasing power management software, which are tools that can be installed on electronic devices that automatically shut the device down after a certain period of time. These can be used on lights, computers or appliances, based on your business’ needs.

Keeping the company kitchen green

If your small business has a kitchen, then it is ripe with savings opportunities. This is another ideal location in which low-flow fixtures can be installed, but consider alternative ways you can save money in this room. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends cleaning your appliances regularly, as well-maintainied dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers are less likely to encounter costly problems. The association also urges small business owners to keep these large appliances at least three inches away from walls, as this can drastically reduce their energy output. 

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