Getting Your Small Business Ready For Back-To-School

/Getting Your Small Business Ready For Back-To-School

Getting Your Small Business Ready For Back-To-School

Your school days may be in the past, but chances are, many of your consumers are either in school or affected by the back-to-school season in some capacity. Whether they’ve got young ones who are returning to institutions or their daily working conditions are altered due to the school schedules, your consumers would benefit from storewide promotions that pertain to this season.

There are ways your business can use this time of year to its advantage. As you start planning your in-store and online marketing campaigns to reach this vast range of consumers, be sure to tailor your offerings to those who are returning back to their daily grind. 

Sales extravaganza

Between new clothes, school supplies and teacher’s wishlists, the back-to-school season offers ample opportunities for consumers to spend great deals of cash. Buyers search for a variety of products during this time, ranging from utensils to lunch materials. To hop on the back-to-school bandwagon, your small business should carefully examine what products it has to offer and how they can be used during school time. For example, if your store sells art supplies, consider putting popular items on sale for students and parents. That way, your brand not only shows its support for the young learners of America, but it also increases the number of people toting your products in public. 

Promotions for parents

Students are not, however, the only ones who benefit from back-to-school promotions. Odds are, it’s their parents who are purchasing the supplies they need for class. From elementary to university learners, students enjoy relying upon their parents to purchase certain supplies and help prepare for the upcoming year. Small businesses should not only cater promotions to parents with regards to their marketing efforts, but they should also consider setting up larger opportunities for these individuals to benefit from the company’s products.

One great way for companies to tailor their efforts toward this section of consumers is by offering a bundle package for parents. Your brand has several options when developing its BTS baskets. First, it could distribute leisure-focused gifts among parents who have won a store contest, whether selecting winners on your social media sites or picking from those who have visited your brick-and-mortar location. This basket could include items that would encourage parents to take a few minutes for themselves, such as entertaining movies or delicious chocolates. Alternatively, your brand could go down the more practical route, handing out bundles that have paper, pencils, art supplies and books that children would require during their school days. 

Support schools in the area

Instead of – or in addition to – offering BTS promotions to consumers, your business may opt to integrate a charitable cause in its operations. Consider collecting donations to support a local school in your city, whether you’re collecting funds to support the institution as a whole or your brand desires to fund a particular project. The company can adopt a range of collection strategies when fundraising for the school: it can share links on social media to an online donation site, collect funds in person or donate a set percentage of all sales to the cause.