Fill Your Cornucopia with Leads this Thanksgiving Using these Creative Marketing Ideas

/Fill Your Cornucopia with Leads this Thanksgiving Using these Creative Marketing Ideas

Fill Your Cornucopia with Leads this Thanksgiving Using these Creative Marketing Ideas

If you’ve been wanting to step up your small business’ marketing efforts, Thanksgiving is a great time to start. There are plenty of fun and engaging ways to humanize your brand and get consumers excited about your products. Use these creative marketing ideas to attract both current and potential customers this Thanksgiving.

1. Host a picture contest

Humanizing your brand is important for connecting with consumers and building brand loyalty. During Thanksgiving, however, showing humanity is particularly essential, as the holiday is all about being thankful for relationships and spending time with loved ones. Using social media, start a Thanksgiving marketing campaign that involves sending photos that focus on the family-oriented occasion. If you own a cafe or restaurant, ask that consumers post pictures on Facebook of their turkey feasts and provide a free meal for whoever looks like they cooked up the tastiest dish. You can host a similar competition that asks people on Twitter to share photos of their Thanksgiving decor. 

2. Give thanks to loyal customers

As a small business owner, you may have certain customers who buy your products or use your services on a regular basis. Thanksgiving is a great time to show them how much you appreciate their loyalty. Make them feel special by posting a photo of them on social media or mentioning them on your company’s blog. Just be sure to ask their permission before posting anything. If they’re interested, you can also offer a small token of your appreciation, such as a 50 percent discount or free product. Then consider sending out Thanksgiving cards to all of your other customers, reminding them that their business means a lot to your company.

3. Share your expertise

If your business doesn’t have a blog yet, now is a good time to consider starting one. Increase traffic to your website by sharing ideas that revolve around Thanksgiving and incorporate your products. If you own a company that sells travel gear, for example, share a creative blog post about how to avoid travel mishaps on Thanksgiving weekend. Social media is another effective platform for this. Betty Crocker pins unique Thanksgiving recipe ideas that require its ingredients on Pinterest. This holiday recipes board now has over 67,000 followers. 

Videos – especially interactive ones – will also draw in a lot of customers. Whether you’re showing viewers how to prepare a certain meal or sharing party planning tips, this will help increase your brand awareness. If you can’t seem to find a connection between your products or services and Thanksgiving, make a video or blog post anyway – the main goal is to connect with viewers and spread the word about your company. 

4. Get involved in the exciting events

In addition to family gatherings and delicious dinners, people get excited about certain events on Thanksgiving. Football games are a popular source of entertainment along with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Join in on the excitement with social media by using relevant tweets, hashtags, pictures and statuses.