Facebook Business Pages Get A Facelift

/Facebook Business Pages Get A Facelift

Facebook Business Pages Get A Facelift

Despite the fact that there are dozens of new sites popping up each year, Facebook remains the most popular social network among companies and consumers alike. The King of Social Media presents a number of opportunities for small business owners, from allowing them to promote product offerings through giveaways to providing a virtual forum on which company officials can speak to customers. 

As more businesses join Facebook to promote their brands, the website has found ways to better serve this group of users. The site recently announced a round of upgrades to its Facebook Business Pages. These new features encompass a range of apps, pictures and advertisement options, all of which are ideal for the small business owner looking to make the most of their social media presence.

Check out the latest updates from Facebook and how they can best serve your business:

Layout becomes much sleeker

Facebook for Business pages are now broken into two separate columns that encompass all of the apps, features and interactions from your page. The one on the left features your company’s basic stats – like location, contact info and website – as well as photos and videos. Pages you like, apps you’ve installed and, if applicable, the number of consumers who’ve visited your location are also featured in this space. The right hand column resembles the traditional Facebook feed, listing all of your posts and consumer interactions on one space. 

These visual updates will help small business owners to streamline their content, meaning all of their posts and promotions will be located in one central location. By eliminating clutter and making features easier to access, these pages will help brands further their reach among users of the site.

Metrics prominently displayed

To the right of the company’s profile, a third, much smaller column displays its basic statistics, including the number of people who like the page, how many users its posts have reached, notifications and messages that have not yet been checked, and the number of ads currently running. Similarly to the new site set-up, the metrics menu will be essential for streamlining the process for small business owners and allowing them to better check their numbers.

Facebook recently improved its audience-building application, as well. With the new Facebook Audience Insights, companies have access to much more extensive audience-discovery software. The program allows users to examine the self-provided information from users, including age, gender, usage and even lifestyle – such as a person’s likes, purchase and post history that may influence their buying habits. This in-depth look into a company’s current audience allows business owners the chance to custom-tailor content to their exact target market, whether they’ve already captured it or have discovered a need in their metrics.

Site introduces Pages to Watch

The final new upgrade recently announced by Facebook is the Pages to Watch feature, a tool that may prove to be invaluable for businesses. Companies will now have the option to bookmark certain pages that may be of interest to them, such as competitors or industry leaders. Businesses can examine the metrics of selected pages, such as how many likes they have, how many new likes they’ve received in the last week and how their overall engagement was during this time period. For small businesses looking to expand their social media presence, this tool is the ideal way to examine what other companies are doing right to boost their numbers and how consumers are reacting to certain posts or promotions.