Everything You Need To Know About Live Tweeting

/Everything You Need To Know About Live Tweeting

Everything You Need To Know About Live Tweeting

In recent years, social networks have expanded features to provide users with the highest quality tools to enhance their online presence. Twitter, one of the most influential and heavily populated social media sites on the Web, offers a range of resources ideal for small business owners. 

Since Twitter allows people to quickly and easily upload short posts, many users have found unique ways to express themselves on this format. One practice frequently adopted during major events is live tweeting, or the act of sending a series of reactive tweets that respond to certain occurrences during the event. These happenings include sporting events, award shows, television shows and business conferences. 

Live tweeting is a great way to not only boost your brand’s online reach, but also establish itself as a thought leader in a given industry. While the practice is both popular and easy to pick up on, there are several considerations small business owners should make before implementing it in their social media strategy. 

Pick your battles

Once you’ve mastered the art of live tweeting, you may be tempted to start updating your followers during every major event. While it made sense for your brand to tweet through the small business conference that recently rolled through your town, followers may be confused as to why you’re live tweeting the Emmys or the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars." The latter two events may have inspired a great deal of online conversations, but unless your brand directly correlates with the entertainment realm, your consumer may be put off by this strategy.

Instead of scavenging for opportunities to live tweet, adopt the practice in moderation. Stick to events that pertain to your brand or its offerings, as you can not only provide more accurate information during this time, but you will also have a better chance of garnering interest among your followers.

Keep it consistent

As you’re composing your tweets, it’s important that you distinguish your live tweets from those your brand regularly produces. For example, if your business live tweeted the Emmys, it may set that series of tweets apart by labeling each with #Emmys2014. That way, consumers who are interested in reading the entire commentary from start to finish can easily identify when the live tweets began and end. It’s imperative that you keep the same moniker throughout each successive tweet – mixing up the order of your hashtag may confuse consumers who have been monitoring your commentary on the event.

Avoid going overboard

Twitter explained that there are no set rules to how many tweets should be sent during a live event. The company explained that people should update as they feel compelled, meaning that your brand should not tweet just to send messages. Search for opportunities to offer insightful commentary as opposed to merely stating information that is already on the Web.

Additionally, your brand should avoid placing too many hashtags in a given tweet, as you may quickly run out of characters and confuse consumers with a string of seemingly convoluted phrases.