Encouraging Engagement: Twitter Edition

/Encouraging Engagement: Twitter Edition

Encouraging Engagement: Twitter Edition

As you begin to refine your social media strategies for your small business, there are several sites that post features integral to the success of your brand. These networks pose an invaluable opportunity for owners, as they allow executives and employees to connect to consumers on a platform that can be accessed the world over.

Twitter is one of the most influential social networks on the Internet, boasting more than 255 million active monthly users. Creating your profile may seem easy enough, but developing content that will inspire consumers to interact with your brand may be more difficult than it seems – but there are several ways small business owners can ensure their Twitter strategies are top notch.

Tinkering with Twitter? Keep the following in mind when crafting your content. 

Staying current is key

Twitter may not be crowned the King of Social Media Sites, but the network has become exponentially popular among users looking to engage in virtual discussions about current events. For example, when Germany was named victor of the World Cup, Twitter reported that a record-breaking 618,725 tweets were sent per minute, representing the highest number of tweets sent during one particular event. Additionally, following the conclusion of the ceremony, Twitter was filled with tweets from fans, images from attendees, and photographs of soccer players hanging out with celebrities like Rihanna and Angela Merkel.

As you start examining the ways in which your business can connect to customers on Twitter, don’t be shy about sparking a conversation about current events. Better yet, discover if your brand has a connection to the trending topic and tweet about that. Stick with topics that consumers will be inspired to interact with, such as asking questions about their favorite teams or finding out how followers are celebrating the event.

Have at that hashtag

If you’re perplexed by the hashtag, now’s the time to learn all about this popular symbol. Twitter uses the hashtag in a variety of functions, from linking to other sites to identifying which topics are trending. This small symbol is one of the most distinguishing features of Twitter, despite the fact that other sites – including Facebook, Instagram and Vine – now use it as well. 

In addition to providing small business owners a way to easily identify which topics they’re posting about, the hashtag allows tweets to be easily cataloged by the site. By marking a tweet with a hashtag, your brand can connect its message with a variety of other tweets pertaining to the same topic. Each time a user searches for that phrase or term on Twitter, your brand will have a better chance of appearing toward the top of the results page, which could boost visibility among both preexisting and potential consumers. 

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