Encouraging Engagement: Pinterest Edition

/Encouraging Engagement: Pinterest Edition

Encouraging Engagement: Pinterest Edition

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a small business owner can employ when attempting to reach new consumers. Maintaining an active presence on popular sites is integral to your brand’s success, especially if you’re trying to boost engagement over the Internet. 

Pinterest may not have the same reach as the larger sites, but this social network is ideal for reaching a particular niche of your consumer base. Consider these five steps when crafting your social strategy for connecting to consumers on this site.

1. Know your audience

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is tailored to a particular subset of your consumers. According to the Pew Research Internet Project, more than 21 percent of online adults have profiles on Pinterest. Individuals visiting this site place a heavy emphasis on visuals, as pictures are the driving force for each pin. Companies should be aware of the images they choose when developing posts, tailoring each image to a specific theme and audience. By choosing the most visually-appealing and relevant picture, small business owners can ensure their pin will see the most activity among followers.

2. Have fun with formatting

Pinterest offers many features that set it apart from other social networks. To further inspire consumers to follow your brand, consider creating a series of boards tailored to a specific section of your business. For example, if your company sells art supplies, consider making one board dedicated toward pieces of art created by consumers, another with links to famous artists’ websites and one that shows tutorials on how people can use certain products.

3. Love those links

When you upload an image or repin one on Pinterest, it will automatically direct you to another website. Small business owners should be sure to take advantage of this tactic, linking not only to their company’s official site, but to its other social networks as well. This is especially useful if your brand is looking to share blog posts or articles, as consumers can easily repin articles on their own boards.

4. Build community

One of the greatest features of Pinterest is the ability for consumers to customize boards based on individual interests. Take advantage of this by establishing your brand as an industry leader through your various boards, connecting to other professionals in your realm and linking to tutorials your consumers may benefit from. By creating a uniform sense of community among professionals and consumers, your company can effectively reach a greater audience and inspire conversations among interested individuals.

5. Picturesque promotions

If your business is currently holding a contest or promotion, it’s imperative to post them on your Pinterest page with a visually-compelling image that consumers will be eager to interact with. The more colorful and engaging your picture, the more likely your virtual customers will visit additional social networks or follow links accompanying the image. 

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