Encouraging Engagement: Facebook Edition

/Encouraging Engagement: Facebook Edition

Encouraging Engagement: Facebook Edition

You’ve got your Facebook set up, you’re posting articles relevant to your industry and you’re finally garnering a sizable following on the site – but for some reason, no one is interacting with your posts. What are you doing wrong?

It may not be a question of what you’re doing, but what you’re not. Encouraging consumers to engage with your brand, especially at the beginning of your campaign, may be difficult, but there are a few ways to take advantage of Facebook’s features to both reach a wider audience of users and inspire preexisting fans to participate with your posts.

Ready to revamp your Facebook strategy? 

1. Call to action

One of the best ways to encourage Facebook followers to interact with your page is to simply ask them, whether by posing a question or giving them something to which they can respond. Instead of merely posting an article relevant to your field, you could link to the finding with an opinion-based question for consumers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for suggestions for improvement, such as what items you can bring to your store or what services customers would like to see in the future, ask on this platform. 

Some examples of this tactic include: 

  • What color should we paint our walls – like this post if you think red, comment if blue. 
  • Which logo design do you like better? Like the picture you think we should choose!
  • Mention this Facebook deal and get 15 percent off any in-store purchase today only!

2. Take advantage of what’s trending

Trending topics open a wave of possibilities for small business owners on Facebook, especially since the site recently introduced a small widget in the corner that keeps track of these happenings. Before posting each day, it’s essential to become knowledgeable about trending topics, as they’re being shared most frequently on Facebook at the moment. Jumping on this bandwagon and generating content that mentions the same key phrases could ensure that whenever a Facebook user clicks on the trending topic, your story may appear.

Not all stories that appear in Facebook’s trending topics may be relevant to your industry. It’s essential to pick your pieces with care, as consumers will be able to see when you’re mindlessly sharing articles about one specific topic. If the happening it truly trending, chances are that your consumers have already seen links in their news feeds, so it’s essential to separate yourself from the crowd by throwing a unique spin on the news.

3. Pile on the promotions

Liking your Facebook page puts the user in a unique position. He or she has access to content you post daily, including news, updates and promotions. Research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey conducted a survey among nearly 1,500 Facebook users and found that 57 percent of consumers like companies on the site in order to receive promotions or discounts – a statistic small business owners should keep in mind when delivering deals. Consider adopting a timeline of discounts, such as one deal a week or three promotions a month.