Creating An Effective Landing Page

/Creating An Effective Landing Page

Creating An Effective Landing Page

When you’re developing the finer points of your website, you may be tasked with creating certain forms and pages that will inspire consumers to interact with your brand. Landing pages can be some of the most effective tools for small business owners, as they can quickly and efficiently connect consumers to a swath of information on a given website. 

Landing pages serve a variety of purposes, from providing site visitors with information to acting as forms that can collect contact information from potential customers. Generally, landing pages are the website pages consumers see after clicking an online ad or specialized request. For example, if site visitors want to download an ebook or whitepaper from your company, they may have to first fill out a contact form found on a landing page. 

Since these online pages can be employed for a range of uses, small business owners have a myriad of options when crafting the perfect form. As you set out to develop landing pages for your site, keep the following in the forefront of your mind.

Discover the purpose

Why do you need a particular landing page? Will this be the first page consumers see after clicking an ad, or is it a form that serves a more specific purpose? Do you want your consumers to enter information on this page?

Small business owners must answer these questions before developing the landing page. Determining the exact purpose of the form allows you to choose which features, widgets and request fields will be featured on the page. Additionally, after you’ve discovered the exact reasons for which you need the landing page, you can better examine which avenues will be most effective for reaching consumers. For example, if you hope to generate sales leads through your landing page, it may be wise to spread links and advertisements on social networks most frequently visited by your target demographic. 

Be sure to flesh out the exact goals you have for your landing page, as they will help you move forward in the development process.

Determine the audience

After you have your exact purpose, it’s time to work on the audience you hope to reach with the landing page. This is vital for the success of your page, as it will help you not only decide which sites are best suited for posting, but also what kind of content the page will be filled with. If you have more than one audience you’re trying to reach, consider crafting more individualized landing pages with specialized content for each target market. This ensures your content reaches a more niche subset of your audience.

Develop the layout

Once you’ve decided why you need a landing page and exactly who will interact with it, you should begin planning its layout. This includes the specific colors, features and links that can be seen on the page. Your content will be most effective if it provides coherent and easily understood information geared toward your audience. If this is the page on which your consumers will land after clicking an advertisement, be sure it remains relevant to the image they interacted with online.