Creating A YouTube Channel For Your Small Business: Part 2

/Creating A YouTube Channel For Your Small Business: Part 2

Creating A YouTube Channel For Your Small Business: Part 2

YouTube remains one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet, boasting more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. Developing a YouTube channel for your small business is one of the best ways to showcase unique content and drive user engagement – all while showing how technologically savvy your operations can be.

Once you’ve studied the benefits of creating your own channel and you’re ready to get down to generating fun and engaging content, it’s time to examine the types of videos to post to your page that are most likely to boost your brand on the Web.

Certain companies shine with humor videos while others prefer product spotlights. The glorious thing about YouTube is that small business owners can tailor their uploads to their target audience, generating videos best suited to specific demographics. Consider the following categories that companies have used when posting videos to this site.

An in-depth view of the industry

Companies that offer specialized products or services in a niche industry may be best suited for informative, instructional videos that cover both industry news and product demonstrations. One way brands can increase their reach and boost credibility is by developing a video series, whether it’s weekly or monthly, that highlights one specific part of their offerings. Best Buy, for example, uploads content in a variety of categories, all of which provide in-depth information about specific products. One of the brand’s most recent string of videos is titled, "Know Your Lenses" – a set that dedicates one video to a particular camera lens sold by the institution.

Businesses in any industry can adopt a similar strategy with their informative content, providing weekly addresses concerning news highlights from the week or taking requests from other social media sites about learning the ins-and-outs about one particular product. By developing your brand as a leader in a specific industry, your business can continue to attract parties interested in learning more about operations and cement your company as a go-to resource for knowledge.

Creative content generates buzz

Many companies use a common pitfall with YouTube. Instead of posting regular updates and intriguing videos, some stick with advertisements. While ads can help boost your brand – especially if they go viral – successful businesses know that YouTube is much more than a mere advertisement board. Instead of developing videos that just show how your product works, consider a more creative set that will keep consumers crawling back for more.

One of the best examples of this strategy is the brand Blendtec, a manufacturer that develops blenders and mixers. Its YouTube site features clips that explain the benefits of its products and testimonies from customers, but its most successful venture is its "Will It Blend?" series. Each video poses the title question, then shows as an employee attempts to blend various objects. Its most popular video, "Will It Blend? – iPad," has nearly 17 million views. While not all YouTube series will be as popular as this one, developing series that are both fun for consumers to view and relevant to your offerings is key for generating effective content for your brand.