Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business: Part 1

/Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business: Part 1

Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business: Part 1

YouTube is one of the most powerful tools small business owners can use when creating and spreading awareness for their brands. This site not only allows users to upload videos that can be easily shared on a variety of other Web-based platforms, but it also reaches a whopping 1 billion unique visitors each month – all of which can view, comment on and interact with your uploads.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect platform to announce a new product or forging for a forum on which you can upload consumer testimonies, YouTube is the answer. 

Not convinced? Consider the following ways that the site can boost consumer engagement, increase brand knowledge across the Web, and ultimately drive interest and demand for your image.

Benefits to bolster your brand

To begin, YouTube is free for all users, meaning that small business owners with smaller marketing budgets do not have to shell out cash to promote their brands on the web. Users have the ability to upload as many videos as they please, and they can keep track of their performance through the site’s measurement system, which allows uploaders to view how many people watched the video, what time of day it was most popular and where viewers were watching it from.

YouTube also offers Brand Channels for businesses to create. While users do have to pay for this feature, it provides a wealth of widgets, tools and amenities that may be especially helpful for brands looking to build their online presence. For example, these channels can customize their profiles with images of products or logos, live stream events and receive advanced metrics using YouTube Analytics.

Additionally, whether you opt for a standard profile or choose a Brand Channel, your YouTube account can easily link across a variety of other online accounts. Since the company is owned by Google, users can connect their Google Plus accounts, meaning that when a video is uploaded to the YouTube page, it will automatically appear on this social network. YouTube links can also be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing small business owners to reach a wide audience across a number of different platforms. 

Videos allow for increased user engagement

Regardless of the type of video your brand chooses to upload, the site provides several tools perfect for business owners. For example, as the video is playing, uploaders can insert buttons, speech boxes or links – all of which a viewer can click on to learn more information. This feature is especially beneficial for companies looking to drive traffic to their websites, as they can issue an interactive info blurb to direct viewers to their operations. Similarly, uploaders can provide links at the end of the clip that lead back to previous videos.

Since there is more than 1 billion unique visitors to the site each month, companies have the opportunity to engage with a large, diverse group of users. Be sure to take advantage of this fact – don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow industry leaders, which could build both your friend list and credibility. Additionally, interact with commenters. This may be difficult if you’re sifting through thousands of comments, but ensure your viewers that you appreciate their time and loyalty.