Human Resources

How to Hire For Seasonal Needs

Whether you need extra hands on deck for Valentine's Day in your flower shop or some backup in December at your clothing store, seasonal help is a lifesaver. With the right seasonal help, your sales will increase and you can grow your business (all without feeling overwhelmed and inefficient). Hiring for seasonal help has a few differences from regular full-time staff. Here are some tips for hiring seasonal help to get you through a rush.

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How Your Business Can Help Veterans in Need

There is power in meaningful work, and in growing a business that not only thrives but gives back. One of the ways in which some businesses are achieving this is through supporting or partnering with veterans. Many veterans return to their local communities with physical, mental or emotional scars that make it hard for them to find employment and to earn a living wage. Many are isolated and vulnerable, and even homeless. So what can your business do to help veterans in need?

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