Attract Customers to Your Business Blog With These 5 Writing Tips

/Attract Customers to Your Business Blog With These 5 Writing Tips

Attract Customers to Your Business Blog With These 5 Writing Tips

When it comes to marketing your brand and drawing in new customers, your business’s blog can be a major contributor. According to a recent marketing research study by SEO campaign tool Buzzsumo, 62 percent of business to business (B2B) companies found that blogs are essential to their marketing campaigns. Blog posts educate viewers on your products and services, as well as entertain potential customers to keep them coming back to your website for more quality content. 

To get the most out of your blog, make sure your writing is readable and engaging. This may sound daunting if you’re responsible for content creation and have little or no experience writing professionally. Lucky for you, there are plenty of strategies to make the process easier. Use these five writing tips as a guide to improve your blog posts and reach a wider audience. 

1. Create easy-to-read content
Even if you sell niche products or services, try to avoid terminology that only those who are familiar with the industry will understand when you’re writing posts. Unless you’re only looking to sell to this particular target audience, using jargon-filled posts can significantly decrease the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. 

Another factor to consider is the format you use. Business 2 Community points out that the majority of online users will share blog posts without fully reading the piece – they’re more likely to skim through it and pick up on a couple of points. Use bullet points, create list posts, and keep paragraphs short so that viewers are more inclined to read the entire post. 

2. Incorporate images
One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your content marketing campaigns is underestimating the power of images. MDG Advertising finds that blog posts with pictures get 94 percent more views on average compared to those that don’t. Even if the visuals are only charts or graphs, they will still attract more viewers than having nothing at all. The power of pictures doesn’t end with blog posts, as 60 percent of consumers are more likely to choose a business in its local listings when it’s next to an image. 

3. Grab attention with your opener
Perhaps the most important part of your article is the headline. Content marketing company Copyblogger explains that while 80 percent of people will read the headline of an article, only 20 percent will continue on to read the rest. 

"Even if the rest of your post hits the mark dead on, without a captivating opening, your audience may never even click on the article or be interested in reading it in the first place," says marketing expert Jason Demers. 

The easiest way to make a headline captivating is by using simple writing to get your point across clearly and concisely. When people are searching your website or scrolling through pages on social media, the articles that are going to get the most hits are those with self-explanatory headlines.

4. Take advantage of SEO techniques
It’s no secret that generating more traffic to your blog requires making your content search engine friendly. This means using techniques like keywords and links that are relevant to your products and brand. When consumers search these keywords on Google, your posts will be more likely to show up in results. A number of  businesses are integrating SEO strategies into their content marketing, which means you’ll need to do so as well in order to keep up with the competition. 

5. Don’t oversell your headline
Another common mistake is making promises in headlines that don’t deliver in the body of the post. While you do want your opening to be captivating and draw readers in, it won’t benefit your company if you say one thing in your headline and end up touching on something completely different. Even following through on parts of your post and not others can make viewers feel deceived. This simple mistake ends up creating a poor representation of your brand, especially if it happens frequently with your posts. 

"If you state that you are writing about 25 online tools for content marketing, stay true to your word and deliver 25 tools," advised Business 2 Community contributor Al Gomez. "Don’t include services that have nothing to do with content marketing or cut your list short."

Once you have your writing strategy down, make sure you’re updating your blog regularly. Publishing a post or two every week to your website may not seem like a marketing technique that’s going to make much of a difference for your company, but don’t underestimate how relatable and accessible it makes your brand for current and prospective customers alike.  

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