Advertising Tricks That Will Treat Your Small Business This Halloween

/Advertising Tricks That Will Treat Your Small Business This Halloween

Advertising Tricks That Will Treat Your Small Business This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and as always, many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to put a spooky spin on their advertising efforts this season. And with good reason – getting into the Halloween spirit really allows you to humanize your company and get your team involved with the local community.

What’s more, leveraging Halloween to advertise creatively and gets you in everybody’s minds at the most important time of the year – right before the busy holiday season. So try these spooky advertising ideas to boost your sales and get ahead of the pack this October.

Sponsor an Eerie Event Near You

Chances are, there’s a Halloween event happening in your area. Whether it’s a conference, a party, or a kids’ pumpkin-carving contest, getting involved in an event is a low cost way of putting yourself directly in front of your target audience. It also helps position your business as an important part of the local community.

When partnering with an event, be sure to maximize its potential – prominently display your products and marketing materials around the room, carve your logo into pumpkins, and network as much as possible.

Run a creepy contest

Contests are a great way to get your brand noticed, gather contact information from new customers (with their permission of course) and build your email list.

You could have customers email in for a chance of winning a Halloween-themed bundle of your products, or challenge your social media followers to share the scariest video they can find, and tag your business’ Facebook page in the post.  

Whatever you choose, remember to be creative, keep it light-hearted and make sure you have something worth winning. Then, spread the word and advertise the contest through all your usual channels – social media, email blasts and print advertisements.

Give away some treats

Everybody loves free stuff, and that’s half the appeal of Halloween for many people. Head into your town and give out candy with your company’s logo on it, or partner with a school or company that is giving out goody bags.

Alternatively, if your clientele is more practical, you can create guides or blog posts that provide useful ideas for readers. Many partygoers will be frantically looking for costume ideas at the last minute, so why not produce a downloadable guide to costumes that can be created from items around the home? Or you could put together a selection of pumpkin-spiced recipe ideas.

Need some inspiration? Check out this classic example from retailer REI. The team created a ‘Zombie Survival Guide’ – it was entertaining, had some great advice and they presented their products as the key gear you would need to survive.

Put up some devilish decorations

If you have a store, office, or any base that encourages face-to-face contact, covering it in Halloween touches is a sure-fire way to catch the eyes of passers-by. You can choose to take the easy route and buy some dollar store decorations, but if you’re willing to spend the extra time and get creative, it will really pay off. An impressive storefront will draw in customers and if it’s really great, the public will be taking pictures and be posting your logo all over social media.

What if most of your work is done on the road? Well, you can still get into the spirit – you can decorate your work vans and ask your staff to dress up on the days leading up to the 31st. Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd and draws attention to your brand is a great thing.

Halloween-ify your ads and branding

Once you’re on a decorating binge, why stop in the real world? The virtual world needs spooking-up too! Add spider webs to your flyer designs, hang jack-o-lanterns from your website add and have witches flying around on your print ads. These simple additions will draw your audience’s vision to your branding or advert.

Adding temporary banners and photos across your social media can also help drive traffic to your pages, so be sure to have some other posts on new products and services waiting when they get there.

With just a little bit of effort, it’s scary how easy it can be to generate extra business around Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Start creating and have fun!



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