7 Ways to Stand Out When Your Industry Is Boring

/7 Ways to Stand Out When Your Industry Is Boring

7 Ways to Stand Out When Your Industry Is Boring

Some industries are dry and boring by nature. Your role is important in the market sector, but it’s not something that’s flashy and goes viral on a regular basis. Don’t despair! You might not think that you can do anything to fix this perception, but these seven ways will show you otherwise.

Create Exciting Content

Whether something is boring or not depends on how it’s presented. A technical report that goes over a bare bones list of data points for your products won’t do much to attract attention. If you turn this report into an infographic that adds visual appeal and puts a frame of reference for this information, you have a better chance at breaking the dry streak.

Try creating content in formats that you don’t see in your industry, such as a contest or a comparison chart that displays the size of your products versus dinosaurs. These strategies have you thinking outside the box to appeal to customers that are used to seeing the same dull style from everyone else in your industry. Shake it up. Plus, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

Develop a Social Media Personality

Social media is the perfect place to step back from a highly professional and rigid persona. The unwritten rule is that communication is more casual here, which allows companies to take risks. If you want to see a social media star, just look at Denny’s Tumblr profile. It’s just another chain restaurant that’s open late nights for many people, but the personality and charm of this marketing channel make them a shoe-in to attract those 2 a.m. diners.

Figure out the acceptable levels of informal speech by following people in your target audience, as well as current customers, and observing how they interact. You can adapt the phrases and slang you use to match the ones that you frequently see in their messages.

Take Risks

You need to stick your neck out and try something that no one in your industry has tried before. They stick to their tried and true (boring) ways, while you adventure into the great unknown. You’ll have a few missteps, but you’re going to discover innovative ways of reaching your audience. Your chances to go viral and get widespread attention are much greater when you’re following risky paths to see where they take you. A small business loan is helpful for financing risky campaigns.

Tie-in to Popular Culture

You don’t need to make your boring industry exciting overnight. Get the help of popular culture to do the job for you. For example, if you fabricate metal parts for manufacturing companies, talk about how different your equipment would be in the world of "Game of Thrones." You can add these references and creatively play with these concepts.

Show People How the Sausage Is Made

One problem boring industries have is that you deal with the processes on a daily basis. None of this is exciting to you because you’re immersed in it all the time. Imagine what your market sector might look like from someone outside the industry.

The success of the show How It’s Made is a strong indication that people love going behind the scenes. They want to see what goes into constructing the goods that they use every day. If you provide services, your audience might love a look at your office or an explanation of the technology stack that powers your operations. Take a new look at the things that you do and let people know about it.

The casual, behind-the-scenes approach is particularly well-received on visual social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram. You also have the flexibility to let your hair down virtually, as these sites have relaxed and welcoming attitudes. They want authenticity, not a faceless corporation trying to convince them to buy more widgets.

Get Interactive

Interactive experiences, such as a hands-on event or a mobile game, are ways to drive deeper engagement with your potential customers. They’ll have a lot of fun answering quiz questions, going through stages in the app or running into a gamified website experience. VR is another opportunity that is starting to make its way into the mainstream. Someone using Google Cardboard could sit at your desk, look at the facilities or get a front-row seat to a product reveal. It doesn’t matter how boring you are, VR is still novel enough that it’s going to generate reactions no matter what.

Do the Opposite of Your Competition

Above all else, do the exact opposite of your competition. The vast majority of companies are going to choose the safe and proven option. They don’t want to stick a foot into the pool to discover what else is out there. Nothing says that you have to be boring to remain professional. Identify gaps in content, touch points or other elements and experiment with groundbreaking methods.

Stop looking at exciting industries with envy. You’re important too, and these tips will turn your marketing messages from "Would rather watch paint dry" to "Text me the second a new blog post goes up, I have to see it right away!" It takes a lot of work to get there, but it’s well worth it for a distinct differentiator.