7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

/7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs might not be born, but they often share common characteristics. For instance, they have a love for the game and put in the hours needed to become skilled craftsmen and businesspeople. They also withstand challenges, not by being stubborn, but by assessing the situation and determining next steps.

If those scenarios sound familiar or you’ve pondered how to become an entrepreneur, you could have the entrepreneurial spirit. Read on to learn seven more signs that indicate it could be time to start your small business.

1. You’re passionate about what you do.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people. If you get them talking about their work, they won’t stop. They can’t. You have stepped into a black hole, albeit a fun one.

Passion is contagious. If you can’t stop talking about what you do and love doing that thing every day, whether it’s developing a microchip or designing a new piece of jewelry, you may very well be an entrepreneur.

2. You always ask questions.

The best entrepreneurs recognize they don’t know everything. That, and they’re insatiably curious. They have to know everything about everything. They wonder why a process is done a certain way. They ask how it could be improved upon.

They’re never satisfied with the status quo; rather, they rebel against the “this is the way we’ve always done things” mentality. Asking questions is how they learn new skills, satisfy their love of learning, come up with innovative solutions, and find a market for their product.

3. You take intelligent risks.

A myth exists that entrepreneurs are impulsive creatures. Some might be, but most take calculated risks. They look before they leap. They understand that successful businesses arise from good risk management and knowledge of the marketplace.

4. You follow through.

To successfully complete a marathon, you don’t just show up on the race day. You train and train and train some more for it. You purchase the right gear, too. The right tools and preparation take people across the finish line.

The entrepreneurial life is no different. You set a goal and stay committed to it. Tools and processes are put in place. You show up and do the work, always. The result is a strong business with consistent growth and plans for the future.

5. You maintain a positive attitude.

Starting a business is rough, as any entrepreneur, including these five women, will attest. However, business owners stay the course despite failures and mistakes. You learn to fall down and get back up again and to do so with ease. The lesson hurts to learn, but it teaches you to hold steady to the end.

Your attitude also affects others, so it’s important to keep it up, particularly if leading a small startup crew. They feed off your energy. That doesn’t mean you should whitewash reality, but you can be honest with your team without falling prey to gloom and doom.

6. You collaborate with others.

The lone entrepreneurial genius is about as mythical as the unicorn. Entrepreneurs rise and fall according to the company they keep.

When it comes to developing a core team, you want people who will pull together in the hard times and who aren’t afraid to criticize your ideas. The best plans and products come from creative friction.

7. You inspire action.

You don’t have to be the most charismatic person on the planet to lead and inspire others. Inspiration comes from passion, purpose, and excitement. If you have those qualities, people will find it difficult not to follow you.

And those same qualities pay off when making the sale. You need concrete numbers, but you sell on the story. Get it right, and sales will follow.

If those seven characteristics resonate with you, guess what? You have the entrepreneurial spirit. Now, confirm the conclusion with this “Are You an Entrepreneur?” quiz.


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