6 Creative Ways to Use Fitness Trackers in Your Store

/6 Creative Ways to Use Fitness Trackers in Your Store

6 Creative Ways to Use Fitness Trackers in Your Store

Wearable technology continues to become more popular among consumers, with new devices popping up every couple of months. This year’s hottest accessories are fitness trackers, whether in the form of Fitbits, Apple Watches or Jawbones. 

Fitness trackers allow people to know exactly how many steps they’ve taken during the day, and some even offer calorie counts or plans for improvement. These devices can act as much more than eye candy for customers who walk into your store. Learn about the ways your business can interact with both customers and employees who have fitness trackers.

1. Reward milestones with discounts

Most devices allow people to set a daily step count goal. For example, the Fitbit encourages people to walk 10,000 steps a day, while other devices may aim for 8,000 or 12,000. Set your own step goal and reward customers who enter your store after achieving it. You can pick a daily goal – like 10,000 – or a weekly one, like 65,000. Let customers know that whoever can prove they reached their step goal have access to an exclusive coupon or discount that can be redeemed in store.

2. Reveal a fitness challenge

Instead of rewarding customers for hitting a goal, consider unveiling a timed fitness challenge. Your challenge can tie back to your store if you want to get creative – in fact, if you can come up with a title that uses a play on words to relate to a product or service you offer, your customers may be more engaged. Your fitness challenge can relate directly to the fitness tracker, or you can reveal one that’s more generally related to health and fitness. Either way, be sure to promote your challenge on social media for maximum impact. 

3. Hold an employee contest

Alternatively, if your staff members own fitness trackers, you can have an in-house competition among your workers. Consider keeping a leader board that shows which employees have taken the most steps, or have those who wish to participate submit their count at the end of the month. 

If your employees don’t already own fitness trackers, you can unveil a more general health challenge for the month. The worker who wins the competition at the end of the month can earn a fitness tracker as a final prize.

4. Offer a tracker as a giveaway

But why should your employees be the only ones eligible to win a fitness tracker? Offer one of these devices as a prize for a store giveaway. Allow store visitors to enter their business cards for a chance to win a tracker, or have buyers redeem a code on their receipts to be entered in a sweepstakes. Before purchasing a fitness tracker as a prize, reach out to companies that develop these devices to see if they’d be willing to donate it to your business – even if they’re not able to send you a tracker for free, they may be willing to give you a discount or other prizes for participants.

5. Sync up to social

Promoting your fitness challenge or giveaway on social media is paramount to your success. Be sure to have relevant information on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as these sites can actively increase the visibility of your venture. Through these platforms, you could also get your fans and customers to post their progress on your social networks, further attracting viewers to these pages.

6. Spark a conversation

Even if you’re not sure how to implement fitness trackers in your store, they provide a great jumping-off point for small-business owners looking to discuss best health practices for both workers and customers. Get a conversation started among your store’s daily visitors, allowing them to contribute with their favorite healthy snacks or exercises for better living.