5 Unique Places to Advertise

/5 Unique Places to Advertise

5 Unique Places to Advertise

Move aside, mobile advertisements – while smartphones and tablets have made developing and sending targeted ads to potential consumers much easier, there are various other innovative (and cheaper) ways to reach your audience.

If your small business is looking for a cost-effective and creative way to spread its name around the community, consider thinking outside of the box when it comes to advertising. Branch out from your traditional paper, TV or radio efforts and instead, discover how your brand can leverage its resources to make the most effective advertisement possible. 

Look to community partners and fellow businesses when integrating one of the following ideas, as the arrangement may be mutually beneficial for both brands.

1. Sports equipment

Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, golf balls – they’re all excellent places to advertise, and if you purchase and donate equipment for local schools or organizations, they’re likely to be seen by a wide range of potential consumers. Academic institutions and recreational centers frequently need sports equipment for people who play there each day, so use the opportunity to not only show your company’s philanthropic side, but also exposure for your company.

2. Reusable coffee sleeves

America runs on coffee, especially during the winter months. Whether your retail store sells coffee or you’re located near a local cafe, distributing branded sleeves is a great way to both provide your consumers with a tangible product while also helping reduce environmental waste among your store’s customers. Consider partnering with a coffee provider to get it to distribute your sleeves in the store. This way, your two brands can work together to expand your customer bases and provide the best service for any community visitors.

3. At the gym

The first few months of the year are generally the most popular for your neighborhood gym, so jump on the fitness bandwagon by seeking places in the gym you can advertise your brand. Distributing promotional water bottles may be a wise choice, but these items can get expensive. Look to posting ads focused on health and fitness in the locker room or at the front desk, maximizing the number of people who may interact with it.

4. Umbrellas

No one wants to be stuck in the rain without an umbrella. While your business can’t predict when the weather will be poor, it can provide consumers with umbrellas for those unfortunate times. When opened, umbrellas offer the ideal space on which you can advertise your company – they are often shared between friends and used in public areas, so the number of people who become familiar with your brand will far outweigh the purchasing cost.

5. On your consumers

More extreme companies have seen moderate success when asking their consumers to become billboards for their brand – literally. One business offered thousands of dollars to any person who would advertise its logo on his or her face, while others have offered similar rewards to people who put tattoos on their arms or legs. While your brand does not need to advertise by such drastic means, it can provide temporary tattoos in fun shapes or colors for consumers to use at their desire.