5 Things Your Small Business Can Learn From Shark Week

/5 Things Your Small Business Can Learn From Shark Week

5 Things Your Small Business Can Learn From Shark Week

It’s that time of year again. Whether you fear the chompy creatures or are fascinated by the fantastic fish, it’s time for consumers and small business owners alike to gather around the television to enjoy the spoils of Shark Week.

This worldwide television event has been running since 1988, providing interesting parties with a wealth of information pertaining to these swift swimmers. Over the past 27 years, the Discovery Channel has altered its promotional strategies, programming and marketing tactics to better reach consumers interested in learning about sharks.

As you sit down to watch "Sharkageddon," consider the valuable lessons your small business can take from the annual event. 

1. Share contests for your consumers

Promotions are perfect for sharing on the vast range of social networks your company currently runs. From Facebook to Vine, each site offers individual features that can be best paired with current contests running in your company. For example, Shark Week is currently hosting a picture contest among any of its social media fans. People who wish to participate in the "Take a Bite. Take a Pic." contest are required to upload an image of themselves taking a bite from their favorite breakfast food, then upload it to their own social network with the hashtag "DDSharkWeek." 

2. Hashtag across your networks

As you generate content for each of your social media sites, it’s imperative to adopt a signifier that promotes congruity between platforms websites. Throughout the duration of the week, viewers and website visitors are encouraged to use the hashtag "SharkWeek" as they upload images or posts about the event. The Discovery Channel has greatly expanded its reach by generating a trending hashtag, allowing interested parties to simply search the phrase to find any relevant posts or pictures.

3. An in-depth view of your operations

One of the best parts about Shark Week’s website is its Non-Stop Shark Cams, which stream live video of sharks in the waters. While your company may not have any live sharks of its own to track, it can post similar videos or live streams pertaining to its inner workings or office culture.

4. Reach out to the experts

Among the various documentaries and shows that are part of Shark Week are discussions from animal experts and enthusiasts. These informed people are not only regularly updating social networks throughout the duration of the television event, but they are willingly offering information and guidance to inquisitive viewers. Your business should look into a similar tactic, whether having a weekly online chat with an industry expert or allowing this person a column on your website blog.

5. Keep website visitors entertained

It’s all fun and games when it comes to Shark Week. On the Discovery Channel’s website, visitors can not only take a personality quiz to discover which shark is their spirit animal, but they can also sift through the "Shark Week Swag" available for purchase. Your company does not need to fear the fun when developing website content – offering consumers interactive materials, such as quizzes or games, is a great way to drive traffic to both your brand and its online sites.