5 Reasons to Send a Digital Holiday Card This Season

/5 Reasons to Send a Digital Holiday Card This Season

5 Reasons to Send a Digital Holiday Card This Season

Consumers love receiving holiday greetings. Instead of sending a physical card, small-business owners should consider sending digital holiday cards to their network of consumers, clients and partners across the world. Unlike tangible holiday greetings, virtual wishes can include digital videos that give your audience a glimpse of your company’s culture.

Are you considering a more creative holiday greeting for your constituents? Here are five reasons why your business should send a digital card this season.

1. You can show off your creative side

Gather your employees and get your creative juices flowing. Digital cards allow small-business owners and their employees to send videos that represent just how fun the company can be. Look to the Belfast Giants for inspiration – the ice hockey team from Northern Ireland released this cheerful rendition of Mariah Carey’s "All I Want for Christmas Is You" in 2010. Take a cue from the sports stars and consider making a similar musical greeting, chock full of equally festive attire and joyous dance moves. 

2. They’re perfect for sharing

The glory of virtual greetings is that they can be easily shared with a wide variety of your business’ audience for a fraction of the cost. The video can be easily sent to your social media followers, as well as any individuals on your business’ email list. 

3. You don’t need to worry about shipping

Purchasing cards, signing names, licking envelopes and purchasing stamps are unnecessary with virtual greetings. If your brand is looking to send meaningful greetings to its constituents without breaking the bank, digital cards are the answer.

4. They can take your brand viral

Unlike paper cards, virtual greetings that have been posted to social media sites can go viral overnight, especially if they’ve been shared with a wide online audience. Get your brand trending with a humorous short clip that will echo across the Internet.

5. Show your employees to your consumers

Holiday videos are perfect for introducing your staff members to all of your consumers. Not only can your online audience get a glimpse of your employees, but you can show off your brand’s sense of humor in the video.

Take a cue from the San Jose Sharks, who released a holiday rap song called "Holiday Sweater." During the short clip, each member of the hockey team can be seen dancing around in tacky holiday sweaters while rapping the original song written for the video. The Boston Bruins released a similar video in 2013, called "The Bear & the Gang: Christmas Spectacular." Both videos are holiday-centric, but set aside time to introduce viewers to the individual stars of the video.