5 Halloween Promotions to Draw Consumers to Your Store

/5 Halloween Promotions to Draw Consumers to Your Store

5 Halloween Promotions to Draw Consumers to Your Store

It’s nearly time for Halloween, and that means your consumers and followers will be expecting fun and festive promotions to ring in this spooky occasion. In addition to breaking out the black and orange decorations, you’ll need to adopt a few promotions to get your customers in the holiday spirit.

Looking for a quick and easy way to attract more consumers this Halloween? 

1. Call for carved pumpkins

Your business is looking for decorations to line the windows and walls, so why not ask your consumers to help out? If you’re feeling particularly crafty, consider setting up a pumpkin carving station in your store, allowing consumer to compete against each other for a small prize. However, if your small business doesn’t have the time or resources to host a contest itself, inform store visitors that whoever brings a beautifully carved pumpkin will receive a store discount or free promotional item for their contribution. Be sure to take pictures and post submissions on your social networks!

2. Spooky scavenger hunt

Announce on your Facebook that there are several treats hidden throughout your store – but customers must follow a spooky scavenger hunt to find them. This could include marking certain items by color – such as noting that those with green stickers are 50 percent off – or putting a secret item on super sale and giving hints on your brand’s Facebook page.

3. Ghoulish games out front

Games are a great way to attract the young at heart. Set up several attractions that are sure to pull passersby, offering exciting prizes that will allure all who enter. Consider setting up booths, like those marked with monsters and goblins, to ham up the holiday. If you operate a store that sees a lot of traffic from families, make your games kid-friendly, as these little shoppers may be the most likely to get their parents to enter the area.

4. Trick-or-treat for tots

It’s not Halloween unless there’s candy. Whether you set out a small plate of candy corn on the counter or you’ve hidden wrapped chocolate treats throughout the tables, you’ll need plenty of these sweets laid out in the store. Consider adopting a promotion along with other nearby businesses, informing parents that children can visit your store to trick-or-treat this year. While you may offer this promotion outside of the store hours, be sure to hand out business cards or tangible coupons for visitors to take home for next time.

5. Creepy costume contest

Your consumers are likely going to be picking and posting costume pictures anyway, so why not give them an opportunity to win big? Adopt a photo contest on your Facebook that encourages consumers to upload pictures of their costumes, their kiddos’ looks or their pups’ digs. Allow fans and followers to vote for the best submission, offering the winner a fun and festive prize.

Looking for tips on how to run a fun Facebook photo contest? Check out our infographic on Spooky Pooches!