5 Apps That Can Help Your Business Get Organized

/5 Apps That Can Help Your Business Get Organized

5 Apps That Can Help Your Business Get Organized

Getting your small business on the right track involves many steps that require time and focus. You may have hired a qualified staff, established an effective marketing strategy and secured a promising financial status, but if your company isn’t organized, it’s unlikely that your success will last for long. 

With only so many hours in the day, it can be challenging for business owners to get everything done. Not only does a focus on organization reduce the chances that certain tasks will fall through the cracks, but it will also increase productivity. How do you enhance the organization of things like your contact lists and smb bookkeeping? Consider using one of these apps to help streamline your business’ daily processes. 

1. Todoist

Are you hesitant to rely on an app with an intricate interface that makes tasks even more confusing? With Todoist, you’ll find an easy-to-use, minimalist design that makes navigating through your daily to-do lists and emails a piece of cake. Todoist enables users to delegate duties, collaborate with staff, set due dates, separate large tasks into sub-tasks and sync data across all electronic devices. There’s also a color-coded system that allows you to organize deadlines and tasks by their levels of priority.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular business apps. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the stacks of notes on your desk, the Evernote app is for you. The effective design makes it easy to collect all of the day’s essential files, photos, audio clips, notes and web pages and store them in one place where they’re organized for enhanced productivity. Connect with your staff, share ideas and even give presentations with a touch of a button that organizes all of your notes into slide-form. 

3. Docusign

It’s impossible to be everywhere you need to be each day, especially as your business grows. Although it would be nice to be present every time you have a new employee sign documents or a client signs a contract, you may have to get creative and let technology step in to lend a helping hand. Docusign is an app that allows you to securely send employees, new hires, business partners and clients emails with a link to documents that need to be signed. The electronic doc is equipped with full instructions. Once the signing process is complete, the "confirm signature" button alerts you and everyone involved in the process that the forms have been signed. Creating your documents is also easy and fast. 

4. CardMunch

CardMuch is a great app for business professionals with growing companies who are looking to expand their network and create relationships with clients. If you’re attending events where you’re receiving a high number of business cards, it can be difficult to keep them all stored away and organized. This could prove problematic when you need to refer to them later. The app turns your business cards into contacts after you snap a photo of each card. CardMunch is owned by LinkedIn, so if the person has a LinkedIn profile, the app also stores all of their information. 

5. Trello

Many people are most productive when they have all of their tasks laid out in front of them. Trello takes to-do lists one step further by providing an interactive board for projects where you and your employees can post lists, ideas, graphs and anything else that your projects include. You can drag tasks into one of the four categories that appear on your screen – ideas, to do, doing and done. You can add as many people to the board as you need so that everyone can participate and see real-time updates.