4 Ways You’re Totally Blowing Your Marketing Efforts

/4 Ways You’re Totally Blowing Your Marketing Efforts

4 Ways You’re Totally Blowing Your Marketing Efforts

Reaching People With Modern Marketing Is Easy, But It’s Also Easy To Mess Up

Sure, you want to get the word out there about your business as you try to increase the size of your customer base, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re messing up those efforts in some way. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, probably because of how easy it is to screw up. But the fact remains that it could be a big problem if you’re not super careful.

Here’s four ways your marketing efforts could be doomed, according to Business 2 Community:

1) Typoes… Sorry, that should be, "Typos"

You wouldn’t believe how many businesses make the simplest mistake of all: Not spotting misspelled words or other errors in their ads before they go to print. This can really make a company look silly, but more importantly, it can cost the company money. For example, say you wanted to list a $100 item as being $10 off this week. What if you actually write $100? That could be a big problem. Therefore, you might want to run every ad by a few more people to make sure every error is caught.

2) Not addressing your customers

The people or other businesses that have bought your goods and services in the past are likely loyal, but you can also make them upset if you try too hard to reach a new demographic or market. For this reason, you’re going to want to be careful of your tone. If you’re used to marketing to younger people, getting too professional may make you sound (to them) like some kind of corporate sellout.

3) Annoying everyone

If you’re posting more than once a day on Facebook, more than a few times a day on Twitter, or more than every few days via email, consumers may think you went from a good company to deal with to a bothersome one. That leads to unfollows, unlikes, and unsubscribes, and you don’t want that.

4) Trying to do too much

If you have a niche that has been successful, branching out isn’t a bad idea. But branching out too much is. Focus on one thing at once, and you might be able to reap the rewards you want from your expanded marketing efforts. Doing things wrong because you’re trying to connect with people in so many different ways, though, will probably pose a major problem for you sooner rather than later.