4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your B2B Leads

/4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your B2B Leads

4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your B2B Leads

Tweet Your Way to Higher Quality Business Leads

When you’re trying to connect with other businesses in your area or industry, you probably utilize a lot of different methods in order to do so. More often these days, companies like yours are relying on social media to get that job done.

But just how exactly can a social networking site like Twitter give your small business the edge over competitors, especially in ways that Facebook may not? Consider these four ways in which Twitter can help improve not just the quantity, but the quality, of your business to business leads.

1. Image sharing

A recent update to Twitter has revolutionized the way that images can be used to connect with potential leads. Now, if you include an image file on a tweet, whether it’s a photo you took with your phone or a graphic you made in Photoshop and attached via the Web, that image is going to show up in a timeline without having to be clicked on.

2. Thought leadership

Just like that old saying about how the first million is the hardest to make, often the hardest part of getting leads in any way – whether it’s via social media or more traditional sources – is finding the first foothold. With Twitter, you can create relevant conversations about the latest news as it’s happening in real time. By posting a blend of how-to tips, industry-specific news and company updates, you can provide solutions for potential leads and keep them coming back for more, transforming your company into a thought leader within your sector.

3. Build relationships

Good B2B leads are about more than reaching out to the greatest number of potential clients – they’re about developing meaningful relationships. Twitter offers unique ways for you to really listen and engage with your audience. In turn, this will help you craft more effective strategies for helping them find solutions that your company’s products and services can provide. When you have a number of connections already in place, you may also be able to use those to generate more leads with other companies.

4. Maximize your presence

With a social networking site like Twitter, you’re able to create a persona for your company, but you shouldn’t stop there. To get the most out of Twitter, you should look for ways to maximize your presence on the site. From using Twitter as a platform for sales of B2B products and services, to offering surveys, you can gain new leads and gauge the needs of your audience.