4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use The Apple Watch

/4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use The Apple Watch

4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use The Apple Watch

Tech giant Apple continues to develop new products that may have a significant impact on how companies are run in the future. While many people are currently enamored with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, small business owners should be learning more about the recently unveiled Apple Watch and how it can streamline operations in the coming months.

Set to be released in early 2015, developers have already revealed several features that can be expected from the Apple Watch. The smartwatch will obviously be invaluable for those looking for a simple clock, but its benefits extend far beyond mere timekeeping. 

Diving through the different benefits provided by this accessory? Consider the following four ways you can use the Apple Watch in your business.

1. Stay connected with employees and consumers

Similar to your smartphone, the Apple Watch comes with basic communication apps, allowing the wearer to access messaging, email and phone capabilities. This is ideal for those who engage in quick chats, whether with employees or vendors that provide services to the brand. The Apple Watch also has space for users to download apps, meaning small business owners can run their social media pages at the flick of the wrist. 

2. Walkie-talkies tailored to your business

In the same vein, the Apple Watch website reported that the new device will have a walkie-talkie feature that can serve small business owners well. Instead of having to shout at employees who are across the store or in the back room, small business owners can speak in their watches to send short sound bites to others wearing the device. This may be able to replace more conventional headsets or overhead PA systems that could seem disruptive to other consumers shopping in the store. 

3. Keep your appointments in check

There are various apps that can keep small business owners organized and up-to-date with all the appointments and obligations they’ve made for their brands. Many of these features can send notifications to the wearer, alerting him or her when they have an imminent meeting or upcoming appointment. The calendar app, standard on many smartphones, can not only notify when there’s an appointment in the upcoming week, but also allow the person to create and share calendar events with other people. The smartwatch also comes equipped with an alarm system that permits the wearer to create reminders specifically tailored to the events or meetings at hand.

4. The perfect platform for Apple Pay

As people continue to accept smart technology, many large tech corporations have released apps specially suited to meet specific business-related needs. One such app is Apple Pay, a passbook that allows users to upload their credit and debit cards, then virtually pay with their smartwatch. The app virtually stores numbers and never reveals them to the stores, meaning financial transactions are both safe and discreet. By using Apple Pay on their smartwatches, small business owners can not only get a taste for the actual features of the app, but they can become familiar with it should they choose to accept payments from consumers in this way in the future.