4 Tips For Recruiting New Employees Using Social Media

/4 Tips For Recruiting New Employees Using Social Media

4 Tips For Recruiting New Employees Using Social Media

Use social media to attract new talent

For students, the start of Spring often kicks off with a break from classes, trips to warmer climates and, depending on their age, the knowledge that their college careers are coming to a close. For everyone else, this means recruitment season is almost here. No matter the size of your small business, it’s important for you to start thinking about how you’ll attract young, motivated potential hires. 

Although job fairs and newspaper advertisements are still useful to get the word out that your company is hiring, the Internet has brought you one more extremely powerful tool: social media. Students of all ages are hooked up to these networks, happily discussing weekend plans and poring over a new installment of cat pics, and with a well-crafted recruitment strategy in place, you could connect to these individuals in a very meaningful way. If you’re hoping to grow your small business, take a look at the following ways that social media can be used to simplify your hiring process:

It’s simple

Despite whatever preconceived notions you might have about marketing online, developing a social media strategy is relatively simple. Sites like Facebook and Google Plus make it even easier for you to hone in on your key areas of interest, which in this case means getting your brand in front of qualified applicants. Posting relevant, informational content on social networks about your brand and the positions you are hiring for will help attract interested applicants to your company.

Posting is easy – and effective

Sometimes, all you really need is more exposure. With a social media strategy, you’ll achieve that quickly by prioritizing frequent, informative posts. Not dull, dry business-oriented posts, either, especially if you’re hoping to demonstrate how wonderful your company is to work for. Designate someone to help you keep the quality of the content high and consistent and full of the kind of brevity you’d like to showcase to prospective candidates, which will ultimately allow you to develop a following of individuals who might then take it upon themselves to share these posts on their own pages. Even if this person is not necessarily interested in working for your company, it’s always helpful to have that extra social push from a fan that might have a friend who is!

It will open up your pool of applicants

In keeping with the above point, one of the major benefits of developing a social media recruitment strategy is the extra pairs of eyes you’ll have looking at your online presence. By keeping up with your social media posting schedule and by actively reaching out to new audiences through shares, adds, follows and general social networking, you’ll have more opportunities to build up a healthy group of individuals who recognize your brand and may even want to help you promote it.

Part of the hiring process is good networking

When you manage to gather the attentions of individuals who are interested in your brand, make sure you’re keeping up with your side of the digital conversation. Take it upon yourself to respond to any queries that might be sent to you across social networks to demonstrate that you’re actively looking for new hires, and feel free to ask questions in return. This is the "social" part of this recruitment strategy, and oftentimes, it can considerably accelerate your hiring cycle.

Of course, with any of these ideas, it’s important that you’re including your own specific needs into these sites. If you’re looking for a specific tone from your candidates, for instance, trim down the tongue-in-cheek language and keep your posts professional in context. What you project across these mediums is typically what you’ll get back.