Experts anticipate that retailers may ring up more than $1.1 trillion in holiday sales in 2018. To get a piece of that, you must find ways to make yourself stand out above the competition. If done effectively, these social strategies can appeal to consumers and make them choose your business over others. Here are four strategies you need to launch this December:

1. Tell a Holiday Story

Begin your marketing strategy by connecting to the holiday. Whether that means discussing your own family traditions or what your business does on an annual basis, sharing a holiday story can help you connect on an emotional level with customers.

It is important when sharing your holiday story to not push the sell of your products too much to avoid alienating the customer, even if your motivation is to move product. Instead, focus on telling your holiday story through a series of pictures and other content, such as using your Instagram account to create meaningful account based on the holidays.

To further connect with your audience, consider going live. Facebook and Instagram both have their own live streaming options. A live story allows you to make your business feel more accessible. It can also engage and inspire your customers. Many social marketing campaigns are successful when customers feel part of them and can share memorable content.

2. Showcase Your Products in a Creative Way

Social campaigns are a great way to show customers your product line. You can use images to visually appeal to your customers. Take the lead of companies that have successfully implemented this strategy, such as GE, which has been represented in multiple Shorty Awards, won Best Brand on Vine and won Best Fortune 500 Brand for their Twitter and Instagram categories.

Part of the company’s success stems from using its tumblr account to feature short videos, photos and GIFs of some of its most popular products. If you have products that require demonstration, this is also a great way to show customers how to use them and how your products can solve a problem.

3. Run a Holiday Contest

Engage your customers by running a holiday contest on Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts. Promoting the holidays and giving holiday spirit can help draw in your audience. It can also form new connections while incentivizing more followers to your brand.

Select a prize that will appeal to your customers, such as a cash giveaway, donation to charity or a gift card to use at your store. Create clear rules about the contest and determine an entry method. One simple method is to like a post or comment on one. Using hashtags before a post or tagging themselves in a photo can help encourage engagement and give you more fodder for your page. Another engaging option is to use a photo challenge in which participants take a selfie or share a photo from their personal account with the product or service you are advertising. You can also boost interest in your products by asking participants to select their favorite product, snap a photo and describe why it is their favorite. It’s free advertising.

Come up with a fresh hashtag that is specific to your brand and is catchy. Then, spread the word about your contest on all of your social media outlets, even if the contest is only on one platform. Add links to the contest and rules on your blog, website and other locations.

4. Use Influencer Marketing

Determine on-brand, high-profile social media influencers that you can use for your holiday marketing campaign. Select one or more influencers who appeal to your target audience and offer the type of engagement you are seeking.

Utilizing social media is crucial this time of year. Remember, if these strategies are done effectively, these social strategies can appeal to consumers and make them choose your business over others. Who doesn’t want that?