4 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Mobile Site

/4 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Mobile Site

4 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Mobile Site

Mobile adoption across the world continues to soar, especially in the U.S. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of adults own smartphones and a large portion use these devices to surf the Internet while on the go.

Tailoring your website to these users is not only a recommended practice, but it will soon become a necessity for companies looking to attract or retain online visitors. Mobile optimization ensures your website has been adapted for use on these devices, so features and design should be tailored to the mobile experience.

But what kind of measurable impact does mobile optimization have on your brand? As it turns out – quite a bit.

1. It will impact your Google ranking

Many things factor into how Google ranks your business’ website. When it comes to searching on mobile, having a site that is easily navigated and well-integrated will not only improve the customer experience, but will now affect how Google interacts with your brand. Starting April 21, 2015, the engine will begin rewarding mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher on search results pages, allowing users access to the highest-quality sites on the Web.

2. Your customers will stay longer

Optimizing a mobile site is more than just minimizing screens – it’s about developing responsive features that your customers can interact with more easily when they visit. Generally, websites that don’t load on mobile – or those that are too difficult to navigate – only hold a visitor’s attention for about three seconds before the person gives up. Having a mobile strategy tailored to these users is critical for capturing their attention, not to mention increase overall retention.

3. You’ll stay current with the times

At this point, there’s no excuse not to have an optimized mobile site. Whether you’re working at a Fortune 500 company or you’ve recently opened your own shop, chances are a vast number of businesses in your industry have already adopted mobile strategies. While a large part of optimization is keeping your customers happy, fixing your mobile strategy is imperative for ensuring your brand remains competitive in the market.

4. It makes buying easier for consumers

At the end of the day, it’s all about your customers. Adapting your mobile site to suit their needs means they’ll have an easier time purchasing products or contacting your company – both components that bode extremely well for your business. Certain features that can make your mobile site more user-friendly include large buying buttons, simple "add to cart" options, and simplified search and scrolling adaptations.