3 Steps to Celebrating Work Achievements

/3 Steps to Celebrating Work Achievements

3 Steps to Celebrating Work Achievements

Employee recognition is vital to reducing turnover, improving satisfaction in the workplace and showing your workers just how much you value them. According to the Fall 2014 Mood Tracker Report from Globoforce, workplace events that recognize staff – like celebrating milestones or achievements – can be the difference between a disgruntled employee and dedicated lifetime worker.

These celebrations, no matter how small, are among the most powerful motivators for any employees – and if you’re looking to grow your small business, it all starts with creating a company culture that honors and recognizes workers for their dedication.

Next time you’re thinking about throwing a celebration for your employees, follow these steps to make it as fun and exciting as possible.

1. Include their friends

Globoforce found that friendships – especially those formed at the office – are crucial for further increasing employee satisfaction at these events. According to the survey, 87 percent of respondents indicated that they feel more appreciated when their friends are involved at work celebrations, as opposed to 63 percent who still felt satisfied without involving them. The source noted that the memories, warm congratulations from loved ones and personal feel of the event were all excellent motivators for workers. 

For a celebration or recognition of one of your workers’ milestones, be sure to invite his or her friends and family members. If you’re planning a surprise event, ask one of the person’s closest work friends for the contact information of his or her loved ones so you can include them in the celebration.

2. Show your appreciation

In addition to inviting friends and providing food or drinks for the celebration, present your employee with a gift to honor his or her accomplishment. Whether it’s a work anniversary or a job well done, a token of appreciation is a great way to not only show them how much you care, but also further build satisfaction among workers. 

The survey noted that 61 percent of respondents preferred a gift card or tangible item, but many others were equally happy with a certificate or verbal recognition. Genuine gifts from the heart are equally effective – these may include cards signed by fellow employees or customized gifts with their initials. Alternatively, small business owners could compile memories or stories from coworkers or family members to create a more customized celebration – something the majority of respondents indicated that they would appreciate the most.

3. Delve into the virtual world

While an in-person celebration is important for your workers, consider blending your party with a virtual one. When recognizing employees, be sure to share on your social networks. This may entail different things for various businesses – some brands may prefer posting a spotlight series and featuring their workers, while others may include a specialized blurb tailored to the event at hand.

It’s important to adopt a strategy that incorporates employee recognition on all your social networks, as potential employees and consumers will visit your brand’s sites when learning more information about your company. Show your visitors that worker well-being is at the forefront of your mind by highlighting these individuals as often as possible.