3 Creative Ways to Get Customer Referrals

/3 Creative Ways to Get Customer Referrals

3 Creative Ways to Get Customer Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing has long been among the most effective tactics for executives looking to reach a wider range of potential buyers. People have a tendency to trust friends’ recommendations over those they see online or on TV – this is why Facebook and Twitter have become such powerful tools for business owners looking to spread awareness.

Enticing consumers to give referrals can be tricky. On the one hand, you want brand advocates to bring new buyers to your store. On the other, you don’t want their testimonies to seem disingenuous in any way. However, there are a few simple rewards your store can offer to its most loyal customers to encourage them to spread your company’s namblog/3-creative-ways-to-get-customer-referralse among friends in an honest and encouraging way. 

1. A picture’s worth a thousand words

If you’re looking to spread your brand’s name via social networks, you’ll want to enlist the assistance of your most loyal online followers. Consider a campaign that rewards customers for bringing friends to your store, then posting pictures and tagging your store. Develop a hashtag that will allow you to easily find photos on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll want the hashtag to include your store’s name so when it’s shared, any viewers will associate the picture with your company. 

Let visitors know that once they’ve uploaded a picture of themselves and their friends in your store, they’ll be eligible for winning a prize. Reward online followers once or twice a month to keep them posting through the weeks.

2. Coupons for new customers

While your loyal buyers may be successful in bringing new customers to your store, they may not have the time to venture down to your business at the same time as their friends. Let your social followers know that any visitor will have the opportunity to fill out a small sheet (whether via digital device or pen and paper) that will give a discount to both the new customer and the one who referred him or her. 

You can create a simple and sweet form for customers to fill out, if they are eligible for the promotion. It should have a space for the new person’s email address and the original customer’s. Use these sheets to send rewards – whether coupons or gifts – to both customers. 

3. Retweet reward challenge

Instead of keeping track of individual customers who enter your store, use Twitter to monitor how people are spreading awareness about your brand. Create a special tweet challenge to send to your followers. This can be something simple – like asking them to come up with a creative hashtag your brand could use during the summer – or complex, like telling customers to post their best pun that relates to your company’s name.

Followers whose tweets get the most retweets are eligible for a reward from your business. This is an effective way to see how far your digital reach can be once your customers become your online brand advocates.